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Mitigation targets, policies and actions

Tracking, evaluation and support of climate change mitigation policies and actions from a wide range of stakeholders to support ambition-raising efforts.

Tracking climate action
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The Paris Agreement mandates countries to develop, communicate and implement so-called nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in the context of long-term strategies (LTS) towards full decarbonisation of the economy. These in turn require climate policy planning and the implementation of policies, measures and action at national, subnational and sectoral levels.

Importantly, all climate policy efforts should be aligned with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement of limiting global temperature increase to 1.5°C while securing and safeguarding sustainable development for all. Mainstreaming climate policy and sustainable development goals into national policy frameworks is a huge challenge where countries can benefit from the exchange of good practices and lessons learned from different parts of the globe.

We support ambitious mitigation targets and action through:

  • Supporting the development and revision of NDCs, LTS and climate action plans at national and sectoral levels
  • Formulation of ambitious sectoral transformation strategies and associated policy measures
  • Building institutional structures and capacities for climate policy implementation
  • Tracking and quantifying targets and policies
  • Methods for evaluating net-zero or climate neutrality claims
  • Estimating the impact of climate action on national and global emissions
  • Benchmarks for 1.5°C compatibility on the sector and national level
  • Methods to rate governments’ and other actors’ climate action
The Netherlands’ fair contribution to climate change mitigation

In this project, NewClimate analysed the Netherland’ government’s proposed target pathway of reducing GHG emissions to 55% below 1990...

Systems Change Lab

Change is rarely linear, and transitions are often dynamic. A faster than expected growth has been observed in some technologies, e.g...

Supporting collective progress assessment under the Global Stocktake

Differentiated analysis of collective progress and national courses of action following the Global Stocktake Together with Öko...

Tracking national mitigation efforts post-2020

Together with International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and FTSE Russell, NewClimate Institute analysed climate...

Advancing the COMPASS toolbox to assess climate action

NewClimate Institute is an implementing partner of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), supporting its work to...

NDC Design

As part of the Paris Agreement, countries are mandated to update and enhance their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) every...

Horizon 2020 ENGAGE

The EU-funded ENGAGE project will invite key stakeholders to co-produce a new generation of global and national decarbonisation...

Implications of the Paris Agreement on national climate change mitigation efforts

NewClimate, in a consortium with Climate Analytics, Fraunhofer ISI and Ecologic investigated medium and long-term targets for various...

Climate Action Tracker – Scaling Up Climate Action

In a consortium with Climate Analytics and Ecofys, NewClimate Institute contributes to the Climate Action Tracker’s Scaling Up Climate...

What is a fair emissions budget for the Netherlands?
Publication date 29 Aug 2022

The Paris Agreement foresees developed countries to lead the efforts in climate change mitigation, based on the principle of common but...

G20 emission projections to 2030 improved slightly since the Paris Agreement
Publication date 15 Jul 2022

Evaluating climate change mitigation progress under adopted policies The Paris Agreement does not offer a standard to measure progress...

Evaluating corporate target setting in the Netherlands
Publication date 05 Jul 2022

An assessment of the climate action plans of 29 Dutch companies and financial institutions In this publication, we scrutinise the...

Updated NDCs collectively raise ambition levels but need strengthening
Publication date 21 Jun 2022

In this Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change publication, we find that the total impact of the updated unconditional...

Net Zero Stocktake 2022
Publication date 13 Jun 2022

Assessing the status and trends of net zero target setting across countries, sub-national governments and companies. Net zero is the...

Introducing performance distributions to visualise collective progress towards mitigation goals of the Paris Agreement
Publication date 09 Jun 2022

The first Global Stocktake (GST), taking place in 2021-2023, must provide clear and actionable information to support Parties to the...

CAT Briefing: Global reaction to energy crisis risks zero carbon transition
Publication date 08 Jun 2022

The world is going through a major energy crisis as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the next few years are...

CAT Briefing: Despite Glasgow climate target updates have stalled
Publication date 03 Jun 2022

Despite the clear warning on the extreme dangers of exceeding 1.5°C warming from the IPCC, progress on new, more ambitious 2030 climate...

Natural gas in Africa
Publication date 30 May 2022

Why fossil fuels cannot sustainably meet the continent’s growing energy demand Natural gas is on the rise globally & in Africa Fossil...

Unpacking the COVID-19 rescue and recovery spending: an assessment of implications on greenhouse gas emissions towards 2030 for key emitters
Publication date 11 Mar 2022

In this Climate Action publication, we find that only parts of the fiscal stimulus spending in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by 26...

Policy impact assessment tool (EV)
Publication date 08 Feb 2022

The EV policy impact assessment tool allows for the quantification of future share of new Electric Vehicles (EVs) and future share of...

CAAT - Climate Action Aggregation Tool
Publication date 10 Feb 2021

The ICAT Climate Action Aggregation Tool (CAAT) guides users in a step-by-step process to define a research scope, compile non-state...

Policy impact assessment tool (RE)
Publication date 30 Nov 2018

The RE policy impact assessment tool allows for the quantification of future share of variable renewables in electricity generation in...

Major Dutch companies’ climate pledges fall short of what is needed for Paris Agreement
Publication date 05 Jul 2022

Berlin, 5 July 2022 – New analysis published today shows that major Dutch companies only commit to reduce their emissions by 19% by...

The UN Climate Change reconvenes next week in Bonn: what will be discussed?
Publication date 09 Jun 2022

Image via Flickr The midyear UN climate conference “56th session of the Subsidiary Bodies” will take place from 6 to 16 June 2022, in...

Enhancing national climate ambition through city and business climate change targets: a whole-of-society approach
Publication date 10 Feb 2021

A new tool to evaluate integrated climate action of non-state and subnational actors The world now faces a critical juncture as...

Climate Action Tracker news: Country updates briefing published plus comprehensive homepage relaunch
Publication date 03 May 2018

The Climate Action Tracker has released an update on 23 of the 32 countries whose development on climate action tracked is released...

Ten key sectoral benchmarks in ten years toward the 1.5°C warming limit – Climate Action Tracker analysis published in Climate Policy
Publication date 06 Dec 2017

Analysis by the Climate Action Tracker was published in Climate Policy, an international peer-reviewed journal, today. The paper...

Improvement in warming outlook as India and China move ahead, but Paris Agreement gap still looms large
Publication date 15 Nov 2017

While US climate policy has been rolled back under President Trump, India and China have moved ahead, making significant progress in...

Decarbonising the global steel and cement sectors requires more than zero carbon fuels—now
Publication date 27 Oct 2017

As part of our ongoing investigations into the decarbonisation of various sectors, our latest study looks at the emissions from the...

Climate Action Tracker launches new rating system
Publication date 19 Sep 2017

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has updated its government climate action rating system to better reflect the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C...

Increased reliance on natural gas risks an emissions lock-in – Climate Action Tracker
Publication date 22 Jun 2017

The future of natural gas is limited, even as a bridging fuel. Continued investments into the sector create the risk of breaching the...

China, India slow global emissions growth, Trump’s polices will flatten US emissions
Publication date 15 May 2017

Press Release Global leadership on climate is changing, with positive developments on coal use in China and India likely to reduce...

Online event: What is a good target design and how do countries compare?
Venue Online
Date 21 Sep 2022
Start time 03:00 pm

Please join us for the Climate Action Tracker's virtual side event at Climate Week NYC 2022! Time: 9am in New York / 3pm in Berlin What...

Online event: A fair emissions budget for the Netherlands
Venue Online
Date 29 Aug 2022

Hanna Fekete and Niklas Höhne (NewClimate) presented new research on the Netherlands’ government’s proposed target pathway and why it...

Press conference: Net Zero Tracker
Venue SB 56, Bonn
Date 13 Jun 2022
Start time 09:15 am

This briefing introduced a new Global Stocktake of net zero commitments; assessing the status and trends of net zero target-setting...

Press conference: CAT at Bonn Sessions (SB 56)
Venue SB 56, Bonn
Date 08 Jun 2022
Start time 10:00 am

Mia Moisio, Niklas Höhne, Claire Stockwell and Deborah Ramalope presented the latest Climate Action Tracker briefing which looked at...

Press conference: Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2022
Venue Online
Date 07 Feb 2022

Thomas Day and Silke Mooldijk presented the findings of the Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2022 at a joint virtual press...

Presentation: Climate Action Tracker: Global Update - 12. Petersberger Klimadialog
Venue Petersberg Climae Dialogue 2021
Date 04 May 2021

Niklas Höhne stellte auf der Auftaktpressekonferenz zum 12. Petersberger Klimadialog im Mai 2021 das neueste Global Update des Climate...

Event: Achieving Net Zero: Opportunities to close the gap to 1.5◦C in Europe and beyond
Venue COP25
Date 06 Dec 2019

Louise Jeffery, Swithin Lui (both NewClimate), Claire Stockwell, Paola Yanguas Parra and Andreas Geiges (all Climate Analytics)...

Event: Current policy scenario projections of major emitting economies: 2018 update
Venue COP24
Date 08 Dec 2018

Takeshi Kuramochi presented on "Current policy scenario projections of major emitting economies: 2018 update" at the side event...

Event: Global climate action from cities, regions and businesses presentation for COP24
Venue COP24
Date 10 Dec 2018

Niklas Höhne presented on "Global climate action from cities, regions and businesses" at the side event "Raising Ambition by Linking...

Event: Implementation challenges of 1.5°C pathways
Venue COP24
Date 10 Dec 2018

Niklas Höhne presented on "Implementation challenges of 1.5°C pathways" at the side event "Emerging Science of 1.5°C: Mitigation...

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