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Climate negotiations

NewClimate Institute conducts research and analysis to support the international climate negotiations, including options for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Climate finance

NewClimate Institute analyses climate finance flows and develops policies and instruments to maximise the impact of finance on the ground.

Tracking climate action

NewClimate Institute tracks, evaluates and compares climate change mitigation actions from a wide range of national, subnational, corporate and civil society stakeholders.

Carbon market mechanisms

NewClimate Institute evaluates and designs domestic and international market mechanisms, with the mission to support the successful transition from existing to emerging mechanisms.

Climate and development

NewClimate Institute supports the design and implementation of stakeholder-driven initiatives that contribute to the goal of a sustainable world with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable energy

NewClimate Institute supports countries to design, evaluate and implement sustainable energy policies and measures that drive sector transformations and the transition to sustainable low-carbon energy systems.

The latest from NewClimate Institute


Analysing the interactions between new market mechanisms and emissions trading schemes: Opportunities and prospects for countries to use Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Apr 2019 - This report conducts a detailed analysis of the provisions related to market mechanisms of the Paris Agreement (Article 6), identifies issues that should be taken into account when elaborating the rulebook for the Paris Agreement, and answers the question whether different countries are ready for engaging with market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement.
Carbon pricing options for international maritime emissions Mar 2019 - In this paper we explore three different options for a market-based measure to address the climate impact of shipping: an offsetting scheme, a maritime emissions trading scheme, and a climate levy. We conclude that a climate levy would be the most appropriate measure to reduce emissions in the maritime sector.
1,5°C: Was Deutschland tun muss Mar 2019 - Diese Kurzanalyse erarbeitet mögliche Pfade, die Deutschland anstreben sollte, um mit den Zielen des Pariser Abkommens kompatibel zu sein, und setzt diese in ein Verhältnis zu den derzeitigen nationalen Minderungszielen.
1,5°C: what Germany needs to do Mar 2019 - This short analysis develops possible pathways that Germany should pursue to be compatible with the Paris Agreement, and compares those pathways to current national mitigation goals. The document is in German, but an English summary is included in the report.
Was kostet ein Verfehlen des 2030-Klimaziels im Verkehrssektor? (German) Mar 2019 - Das Verfehlen des deutschen Treibhausgasemissionsziels im Verkehrssektors zwischen 2021 und 2030 könnte zu Zahlungen in der Höhe von 3 bis 36 Milliarden € führen.


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