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Climate negotiations

NewClimate Institute conducts research and analysis to support the international climate negotiations, including options for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Climate finance

NewClimate Institute analyses climate finance flows and develops policies and instruments to maximise the impact of finance on the ground.

Tracking climate action

NewClimate Institute tracks, evaluates and compares climate change mitigation actions from a wide range of national, subnational, corporate and civil society stakeholders.

Carbon market mechanisms

NewClimate Institute evaluates and designs domestic and international market mechanisms, with the mission to support the successful transition from existing to emerging mechanisms.

Climate and development

NewClimate Institute supports the design and implementation of stakeholder-driven initiatives that contribute to the goal of a sustainable world with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable energy

NewClimate Institute supports countries to design, evaluate and implement sustainable energy policies and measures that drive sector transformations and the transition to sustainable low-carbon energy systems.

The latest from NewClimate Institute


Beyond national climate action: the impact of region, city, and business commitments on global greenhouse gas emissions Mar 2020 - This article quantifies the net aggregate impact in 2030 of commitments by individual non-state and subnational actors (e.g. regions, cities and businesses, collectively referred to as ‘NSAs’) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Six Memos on the Multilateral Development Banks’ Paris Alignment Approach Mar 2020 - Principles and recommendations for robust alignment of MDB lending activities from NewClimate, Germanwatch, and the World Resources Institute.
The Mongolian electricity sector in the context of international
climate mitigation efforts
Mar 2020 - Synthesis report on the impacts of electricity supply sector development in Mongolia on climate change targets and health impacts associted to air pollution from coal power plants.
Emissions: four times the work or one-third of the time (English) Mar 2020 - This comment published in "Nature" uses the last ten UNEP reports to show what a wasted decade means for the climate pact made in Paris.
Emissionen: viermal so viel Arbeit – oder ein Drittel der Zeit (Deutsch) Mar 2020 - Dieser im "Nature"-Journal veröffentlichte Kommentar zeigt anhand der letzten zehn UNEP-"Gap"-Berichte, was ein versäumtes Jahrzehnt für den in Paris geschlossenen Klimapakt bedeutet.


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Emissions: four times the work or one-third of the time (comment in nature)

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