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Climate negotiations

NewClimate Institute conducts research and analysis to support the international climate negotiations, including options for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Climate finance

NewClimate Institute analyses climate finance flows and develops policies and instruments to maximise the impact of finance on the ground.

Tracking climate action

NewClimate Institute tracks, evaluates and compares climate change mitigation actions from a wide range of national, subnational, corporate and civil society stakeholders.

Carbon market mechanisms

NewClimate Institute evaluates and designs domestic and international market mechanisms, with the mission to support the successful transition from existing to emerging mechanisms.

Climate and development

NewClimate Institute supports the design and implementation of stakeholder-driven initiatives that contribute to the goal of a sustainable world with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable energy

NewClimate Institute supports countries to design, evaluate and implement sustainable energy policies and measures that drive sector transformations and the transition to sustainable low-carbon energy systems.

The latest from NewClimate Institute


Future role for voluntary carbon markets in the Paris era Oct 2020 - We critically assess options for the voluntary carbon market and offer a set of recommendations, heading into the Paris era.
Navigating the nuances of net-zero targets Oct 2020 - We seek to unravel net-zero targets to better enable the identification of truly ambitious actors and enhance support towards them.
Sub- and non-state climate action: A framework to assess progress, implementation and impact Oct 2020 - This Climate Policy journal article introduces a conceptual framework to assess the progress, implementation, and impact of climate action by sub- and non-state actors.
Overview of recently adopted mitigation policies and climate-relevant policy responses to COVID-19 – 2020 Update Oct 2020 - This report presents an overview of recent climate mitigation policies, climate-relevant responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and a state of play of NDC and LTS submissions in 25 countries and regions.
Climate Action Tracker global update: Pandemic recovery with just a hint of green Sep 2020 - In this briefing, the Climate Action Tracker examines the COVID-19 recovery packages of five major emitters – China, EU27, India, South Korea and the USA; we present the global temperature update, taking into account the economic impact of COVID-19; and we share key insights from the updated assessments for 13 of the 36 countries assessed by the Climate Action Tracker, including projections of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on 2020 emissions.


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