The Sustainable development and climate action green recovery screening tool, or SCREEN, provides policymakers and analysts with a means of operationalising a green recovery framework that more appropriately caters to the distinct characteristics of developing countries. The SCREEN tool allows users to define their country’s context and distinct challenges. Based on the specification of these characteristics, the user is provided with a shortlist of potentially impactful policy focus areas. Within each policy focus area, the user can qualitatively evaluate user-defined and pre-defined recovery measures along the criteria of the proposed recovery framework.

Figure 1: Framework operationalisation (qualitative analysis)

For countries where Input-Output tables are available from the OECD’s database, the SCREEN tool also allows users to quantitatively analyse where recovery spending is likely to drive the largest output growth response, or, conversely, where spending is likely to have little impact. Users can estimate the direct, indirect and induced economic impacts and employment generation potential of fiscal policies.

Figure 2: Input-output analysis (quantitative analysis)


SCREEN was developed with funding support from the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT).

This tool is part of the COMPASS-toolbox.

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