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Governance and diplomacy

Governance and diplomacy


Successfully addressing and solving the climate crisis can only be achieved through cooperation, across countries and regions, as well as within countries, governments and societies. Effective multilevel governance processes and institutions are needed not only to facilitate cooperation but also to enable the development and effective implementation of climate policies and measures. This includes well-resourced institutional capacities, effective communication channels and  regulatory and legislative systems. At the international level strengthening multilateral institutions – including the UNFCCC and related bodies – in addition to  dialogue processes such as the G7 and G20 are important elements to advance the development and implementation of the climate policy architecture. Climate diplomacy plays a key role in creating ambition coalitions and ultimately driving transformative change.

We support the development of effective climate governance and diplomacy through:

  • Assessment of governance frameworks and good practices
  • Capacity building of stakeholders and institutions
  • Facilitating exchange of good practice internationally
  • Supporting climate diplomacy efforts through targeted inputs and analysis
Climate Audit of German and EU Foreign Diplomacy

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and despite rhetoric of building back better, the world is currently on track towards 2.7°C of...

Climate Action Tracker - Climate Governance Series

On behalf of ClimateWorks Foundation, NewClimate Institute and Climate Analytics developed the Climate Action Tracker’s Climate...

EU Climate diplomacy

In a consortium with E3G, Acclimatise and Perspectives, under the leadership of ICF International, NewClimate Institute supported a...

Sector level climate planning for national and international policy making
Publication date 06 Dec 2021

This guidance offers a stepwise approach to policy makers on how to set up an effective sector level planning process, highlighting the...

Working together to achieve the Paris climate goals and sustainable development
Publication date 20 Sep 2021

This study shows how transformative change can bring about sustainable development, prevent climate change from spiralling out of...

The Challenges of Assessing “Collective Progress”: Design Options for an effective Global Stocktake process under the UNFCCC
Publication date 07 May 2021

The Paris Agreement established a Global Stocktake process as a key safeguard mechanism to facilitate enhancement of the NDCs toward...

Tackling the Challenges of Assessing Collective Progress for an Effective Global Stocktake
Publication date 29 Nov 2019

This summary report creates a framework to evaluate if a GST is successful and formulates recommendations for the design of the GST...

Guiding questions for the Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement
Publication date 29 Nov 2019

The independent Global Stocktake (iGST) seeks to increase the accuracy, transparency, accountability, and relevance of the official...

Consolidation of climate planning processes in the Energy Community Contracting Parties
Publication date 18 Jun 2019

The objective of this guidance document is to provide Contracting Parties of the Energy Community with a concise and simple guidance on...

A ten point agenda for delivering higher mitigation ambition
Publication date 14 Jun 2019

The paper formulates 10 points for mitigation ambition and includes recommendations on ways to support ambition raising through...

NDC Update Report June 2019: Sector decarbonisation pathways from different angles: technology, modelling, politics
Publication date 12 Jun 2019

To reach the long-term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement, most countries will need to reduce emissions to net-zero in 2050 or...

Nordic opportunities to provide leadership in the Global Climate Action Agenda
Publication date 22 May 2019

The Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA) covers a wealth of cooperative action between governments, cities, businesses, non-governmental...

Setting the Paris Agreement in Motion: Key Requirements for the Implementing Guidelines
Publication date 09 Aug 2018

With the December 2018 deadline to operationalize the Paris Agreement looming, climate negotiators are faced with the herculean task of...

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