Working with us

We are looking for like-minded people to join us in the fight against climate change! Learn more about our organisation and opportunities to join the team.

Working with us
How we work

We are a dynamic group of highly motivated and professional people striving for impact. We believe that our work should, as directly as possible, help to avoid climate change.

NewClimate embraces every individual’s contribution and ideas. To allow people to bring in their best, we avoid hierarchies wherever possible. People work across topics and projects and in different roles. In our slim and open processes, we ensure everybody’s voice is heard.

Instead of hierarchical structures, we foster our values including creating a positive impact, practicing inclusiveness, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Our working atmosphere is based on a high degree of trust and we never forget the importance of enjoying what we do.

At NewClimate, we make sure that the organisation fits the individuals, not the other way round. People develop at their own speed and according to their own interest, as part of the organisation. There are no predefined career pathways, but everybody gets support from their colleagues to work on their own. Everybody is urged to go beyond their own expertise and comfort zone, be it by learning about a new topic or acquiring skills to support the organisation.

Our ‘Equal opportunities policy’ highlights our core values and approach to current and future employees, partners, and funders. It aims to reaffirm our commitment to ensure equal opportunities for all employees.

Team jumps in Hartz

NewClimate is more than just a work place. We make sure that we get to meet in-person in the offices and outside regularly, for lunches, content discussions, strategy meetings, and fun activities.

Our offices in central locations of Cologne and Berlin offer spaces to meet, a library, fresh fruit and drinks. Occasionally, you might even run into a child or a dog.

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