Southeast Asia (SEA) is the fastest developing region in the world with an energy demand projected to grow by 70% in the next 20 years. Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam represent today around 80% of the region’s total energy share and population; therefore, the ability of the region to meet its development and climate goals largely depends on these countries’ current and future energy choices.

Against this backdrop, the Clean Affordable Secure Energy (CASE) project seeks to drive the energy sector transition in four partner countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as well as engage with decision makers in the wider region. The overarching goal is to support a change in the power sector narrative towards an evidence-based energy transition that robustly supports the region's development strategies as it pursues Paris Agreement goals.

The programme makes use of available research initiatives while generating new evidence grounded in local realities that can persuade economic managers, power sector decision makers, industry leaders and electricity consumers to support early, speedy, and responsive strategic reforms in the power sector. To reach this objective, the programme applies a joint fact-finding approach involving expert analysis and dialogue to build stakeholder consensus by converging areas of disagreement. Overall, the creation of this evidence is expected to equip policymakers and businesses with the knowledge and capacities to manage the power sector transition in a socially just way.

CASE is jointly implemented by GIZ and international and local expert organisations in the area of sustainable energy transformation and climate change. NewClimate Institute serves as an international implementing partner and steering committee member, bringing expertise in aligning climate policy planning with sector decarbonisation efforts. Furthermore, CASE is part of a global coordinated effort to support SEA countries in the ongoing energy transition process. Among other initiatives, CASE is an aligned programme of the Energy Transition Partnership (ETP), an alliance of international donors, philanthropies, and partner governments established to accelerate energy transition and to support sustainable development goals in Southeast Asia.


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