This Horizon Europe research grant project will identify opportunities to strengthen and scale up voluntary climate action, with the aim of achieving a worldwide net-zero society by 2050. The ACHIEVE project will:

  • generate transformative and timely scientific insights into the role, effectiveness, and integrity of voluntary climate action (including carbon credits);
  • assess the integrity and impacts of such action;
  • analyse how policies and regulations and high-integrity voluntary climate action can strengthen each other;
  • and use scientific findings to support the scaling up of high-integrity voluntary action.

This will be achieved through a highly inter- and transdisciplinary consortium. From the start, the project will actively engage policymakers and other societal stakeholders in co-creating outcomes and mapping societal needs.

The project directly contributes to advancing knowledge and providing solutions for climate change, specifically on high-integrity voluntary climate action. ACHIEVE will develop transition pathways to climate neutrality that integrate voluntary climate action by cities, regions and companies; it will develop novel social science insights for climate action; contribute to better understanding sustainability co-benefits and trade-offs; and increase transparency and trust in voluntary climate action by strengthening integrity and making scientific results easily accessible for different stakeholder groups.

NewClimate Institute leads work package 2: “Assessing integrity & impacts of existing voluntary climate actions”. 

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