In a consortium with E3G, Acclimatise and Perspectives, under the leadership of ICF International, NewClimate Institute supported a study on the EU’s climate diplomacy activities. The project reviewed the EU’s climate diplomacy effectiveness from 2009-2015, identifying lessons learned from its engagement in climate related partnerships. The study developed recommendations on the EU’s strategy for the negotiations and the implementation of the Paris agreement in the following years.

The study findings inform the Commission’s internal decisions on the design and implementation of future climate diplomacy and cooperation efforts with strategic partners. It also supports DG CLIMA’s communication with Member States, country partners, civil society and other key stakeholder groups on future collaboration and joint strategies. NewClimate’s participated in the project in the form of an advisory and review function, focussing in particular on the issue of ambition raising and technology transfer in the context of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

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