Mia Moisio's work centers on the global efforts to reduce temperature increase to 1.5°C, with a particular focus on climate policy in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. She leads the Climate Action Tracker project at NewClimate Institute. Before joining NewClimate, Mia worked on sustainable finance and climate and energy policy in the EU. She holds a Master’s degree in Energy Policy and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Middle Eastern studies from Sciences Po Paris. Mia’s working languages are English, French, Finnish and Spanish. 

CAT Global Update: Massive gas expansion risks overtaking positive climate policies
Publication date 10 Nov 2022

The goldrush for gas continues and is counterproductive to the Paris Agreement. The energy crisis caused by Russia’s illegal invasion...

CAT Briefing: Global reaction to energy crisis risks zero carbon transition
Publication date 08 Jun 2022

The world is going through a major energy crisis as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the next few years are...

CAT Briefing: Despite Glasgow climate target updates have stalled
Publication date 03 Jun 2022

Despite the clear warning on the extreme dangers of exceeding 1.5°C warming from the IPCC, progress on new, more ambitious 2030 climate...

Natural gas in Africa
Publication date 30 May 2022

Why fossil fuels cannot sustainably meet the continent’s growing energy demand Natural gas is on the rise globally & in Africa Fossil...

Climate Investment in Latin America
Publication date 24 Nov 2021

This report, the first in a series of three, focuses on the policy landscape needed to enable a transition to net zero emissions...

EU Climate diplomacy

In a consortium with E3G, Acclimatise and Perspectives, under the leadership of ICF International, NewClimate Institute supported a...

Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker is a science-based assessment that provides regularly updated information on countries’ emission reduction...

Actor and Policy Mapping Tool

The Actor and Policy Mapping Tool is an open-source, Excel-based tool to map actors, policies, and policy planning processes in a...

COP27: Climate Action Tracker press conference
Venue COP27, room Luxor
Date 10 Nov 2022
Start time 10:00 am

The CAT team presented the latest Global Update briefing at a press conference. It included our updated temperature projections, the...

COP27: The state of climate action a year after the Glasgow Climate Pact - CAT
Venue COP27, Italian pavilion
Date 08 Nov 2022
Start time 02:30 pm

As part of the Glasgow Climate Pact, governments agreed to revisit and strengthen their 2030 climate targets. In this side event, the...

Press conference: CAT at Bonn Sessions (SB 56)
Venue SB 56, Bonn
Date 08 Jun 2022
Start time 10:00 am

Mia Moisio, Niklas Höhne, Claire Stockwell and Deborah Ramalope presented the latest Climate Action Tracker briefing which looked at...

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