The Climate action Outcomes and Mitigation Policy Assessment “COMPASS” toolbox is a selection of climate scenario modelling tools developed by NewClimate Institute to support decision-makers, analysts and civil society to assess and understand the impacts of climate action and policies.
Common features across tools:

  • Focused on impacts of actions and policies to mitigate climate change
  • Modular setup, designed to be used either as standalone tools; or with soft links to other COMPASS tools and/or third-party models
  • Excel-based analytical tools
  • Facilitate comparison across different scenarios / policies / outcomes
  • Explore potential opportunities and barriers to raise climate ambition

If you would like to know more about the toolbox, please contact Tessa Schiefer or Harry Fearnehough.


The COMPASS tools cover the following areas:

Track and analyse
GHG emission scenarios

Tools to track and project GHG emission scenarios at both sectoral and economy-wide levels:

Assess sectoral
climate policies

Tools to support policy impact projections drawing on technology S-curve modelling logic:


List of COMPASS tools:

SCAN tool - The SDG Climate Action Nexus tool (SCAN-tool) provides high-level guidance on how climate mitigation actions can impact the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
EIM-ES (Economic Impact Model for Electricity Supply) - The EIM-ES quantifies country-level employment and wider economic impacts of different future scenarios for the development of capacity and generation in the electricity sector
AIRPOLIM-ES (Air Pollution Impact Model for Electricity Supply) - The health impact model uses an accessible methodology for quantifying the health impacts of air pollution from different sources of electricity generation and other fuel combustion
PROSPECTS+ - PROSPECTS is a sector-level, bottom-up Excel tool which uses decarbonisation relevant activity and intensity indicators to track and project overall and sectoral GHG emissions trends.
Policy impact assessment tool (RE) - This shell tool allows the user to project the impact of variable renewable energy (VRE) policies based on a s-curve modelling logic.
Policy impact assessment tool (EV) - This shell tool allows the user to project the impact of electric vehicle (EV) policies based on an s-curve modelling logic.
CLIMTRADE – Economic impacts of climate regulation in trade - CLIMTRADE estimates economic impacts associated with carbon border adjustments.
SCREEN (Sustainable development and climate action green recovery screening tool) - The SCREEN tool helps identify and analyse green recovery measures that can effectively cater to the distinct recovery needs and development priorities of developing countries.
TRACE (Transport sector climate action co-benefit evaluation tool) - The Transport sector climate action co-benefits evaluation tool (TRACE) is an Excel-based model to support quantitative evaluation of selected non-climate impacts from decarbonising the urban transport sector.
Climate Action Aggregation Tool (CAAT) - The ICAT Climate Action Aggregation Tool (CAAT) is an Excel-based tool to aggregate non-state actors’ climate policy efforts.


Project applications:

Advancing the COMPASS toolbox to assess climate action

Under this project we have advanced NewClimate’s COMPASS suite of tools which are design to help analysts and decision makers navigate a range of climate action impacts.

Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy (CASE) Southeast Asia

The Clean Affordable Secure Energy (CASE) project seeks to drive the energy sector transition in four partner countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as well as engage with decision makers in the wider region.

Climate Action Tracker – Scaling Up Climate Action

In a consortium with Climate Analytics and Ecofys, NewClimate Institute contributes to the Climate Action Tracker’s Scaling Up Climate Action country series. The first round of our analysis covers South Africa, the European Union, Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, and Australia.

Capacity building for integrated and ambitious climate policy planning in Georgia and Mongolia

NewClimate Institute, as an implementing partner of GIZ, supports the Governments of Georgia and Mongolia with the further development of their climate policy planning.

Cool contributions fighting climate change

Facilitating the global transformation towards climate-friendly and energy-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) technologies by providing policy and technical guidance to six developing countries. Return to all expertise and projects NewClimate Institute in partnership with HEAT International supported the IKI funded Cool Contributions initiative led by the GIZ with the objective to advance the global… Read More

Climate Action Tracker – Decarbonisation Module

In a consortium with Climate Analytics and Ecofys, NewClimate Institute contributes to the “Climate Action Tracker” (CAT) Data Portal which is a database of decarbonisation indicators on sector- and country-level for over 30 countries.

Ambition to Action

Supporting Argentina, Indonesia, and Kenya with the implementation of their NDCs, through the analysis of impacts and benefits of various sector pathways. Return to all expertise and projects – A2A Phase I ran from 2016 to 2019 and was implemented by NewClimate Institute in partnership with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) part… Read More

Associated Publications:

Initiating a fair and inclusive energy transition in Indonesia Mar 2022 - A fair and inclusive energy transition in Indonesia: the case for phasing out coal-based power… Read More
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The important health benefits of preventing coal lock-in in Mongolia Mar 2020 - Growing coal capacity in Mongolia has direct impacts on human health: Operations of coal-fired power… Read More
A roadmap for the power supply sector in Argentina Feb 2020 - The “Ambition to Action” (A2A) project provided support to the Argentinian NDC process between March… Read More
Climate change and sustainable development in the Kenyan electricity sector Feb 2020 - Synthesis report on the impacts of electricity sector development in Kenya on national sustainable development… Read More
Assessing sustainable development impacts of scaling-up climate action in the electricity sector Feb 2020 - This paper formulates six key lessons learnt for the assessment of sustainable development impacts and… Read More
The role of renewable energy mini-grids in Kenya’s electricity sector Nov 2019 - This report synthesises available analyses on the role and potential of mini-grids in Kenya and… Read More
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