This paper gives an overview of what has been achieved in the last years of international climate policy at the global level along different dimensions of the transition towards a zero emissions world. The focus is deliberately on the positive shifts that can be observed, recognising that these are insufficient to move us to where we need to be but remind us that not all is lost yet. The paper is structured along five thematic areas, covering awareness and civil action, policy and governance, investors and business, as well as the energy and industry sectors. In all of these areas positive shifts are under way. In some cases the shifts are only small and need significant acceleration and scaling. Some have positively surprised us and are already past positive tipping points and “simply” need continuation. All show that change is possible and is happening, sometimes faster than was previously expected or thought even possible.

Many shifts highlighted in the paper show that we can work fast, that change is possible and can happen unexpectedly, instigated by new actors (global youth), using new strategies (climate litigation) pushing governments and companies to act. All this gives hope that the Paris Agreement goal to keep global temperature increase to 1.5°C is still within reach.

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