The Performance Distribution Tool is an web-based application that was developed to support the first Global Stocktake (GST), which is occurring in the 2021–2023 period. The GST is a process that aims to assess countries’ collective progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and inform them on how to increase ambition. The GST must assess countries’ collective, rather than individual, progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and provide actionable information for increasing ambition. Global analyses that aggregate total or sectoral GHG emissions may give an indication of overall progress, but by being largely influenced by major emitters, they hide the differences that exist between countries.

The Performance Distribution Tool creates a performance distribution based on user-defined parameters. Performance distributions offer a more comprehensive way to assess collective progress. A performance distribution is a histogram that groups countries based on how they fare in a specific indicator, such as GHG emissions per capita. The distribution identifies trends in the indicator and the existence of leaders and laggards. It enables peer pressure among countries and public scrutiny, which contribute to enhancing ambition in the GST process.

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