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Achieving High-Integrity Voluntary Climate Action (ACHIEVE)

This project identifies opportunities to strengthen and scale up voluntary climate action, with the aim of achieving a worldwide net-zero society by 2050.

Supporting the Paris Agreement through international cooperation: Potential contributions, institutional robustness and progress of Glasgow climate initiatives
Publication date 29 Apr 2024

This article assesses the potential emission reductions resulting from the implementation of the 14 Glasgow initiatives’ targets and the initiatives’ institutional robustness.

Climate policy in 2023
Publication date 04 Apr 2024

National and international climate policy advances in many areas but also faces substantial domestic hurdles in others. In this publication, we outline critical national and international climate policy developments from 2023.

Climate targets by major steel companies: An assessment of collective ambition and planned emission reduction measures
Publication date 19 Jan 2024

This article assesses the status, robustness, and potential impact of GHG emission reduction targets set by the 60 largest steel producer companies. Full implementation of existing targets would lead to 38-53% reduction of CO2 by 2050 from 2019 levels.

Mobile Work in the future - Climate Protection Opportunities and Risks
Publication date 05 Jan 2024

This project examines what a mobile working world will look like in the future.

Strategic Horizon Scanning (Klimascan)

The project establishes a horizon scanning system to systematically identify trends and developments across all areas of the economy and society that are relevant in the context of the government’s climate protection policy.

COP28: Turning the Global Stocktake into Action on the Ground
Venue SE Room 1, Zone B6
Date 09 Dec 2023
Start time 16:45

In this COP28 side event, government representatives and others explored how countries, cities and others can use a strong Global Stocktake outcome at COP28 as a jumping off point for advancing bold climate actions and policies at home, including laying the groundwork for submitting much stronger nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in 2025.

Climate Action Tracker Briefing: COP28 initiatives will only reduce emissions if followed through
Publication date 09 Dec 2023

We estimate that of the total emissions savings that could be achieved by the pledges, around a quarter is already included in government NDCs, around a quarter is additional and achievable, and around half is unlikely to be achieved without further action to improve the initiatives.

COP28: Ratcheting integrity of net zero commitments to unlock ambition loops and regain climate momentum
Venue SE Room 3, Blue Zone, COP28
Date 08 Dec 2023
Start time 16:45

This side event, hosted by Net Zero Tracker, discussed critical opportunities to match the ever-growing take-up of net zero targets with increased robustness to, in turn, unlock ambition loops and regain climate momentum.

COP28: Climate Change Performance Index 2024 launch
Venue Press Conference 2, Zone B6
Date 08 Dec 2023
Start time 13:00

This press conference launches the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2024 at COP28.

Press release - CCPI 2024: Despite boom in renewables: World no closer to Paris climate goals until fossil fuels decline drastically
Publication date 08 Dec 2023

The CCPI monitors the climate mitigation progress of 63 countries and the European Union, together responsible for more than 90% of global emissions.

Climate Change Performance Index 2024
Publication date 08 Dec 2023

The Climate Change Performance Index monitors climate mitigation progress of 63 countries and the European Union, together responsible for more than 90% of global emissions.

COP28: Limiting warming to 1.5°C: Systems transformation in the energy sector
Venue EU pavilion [online only]
Date 06 Dec 2023
Start time 16:30

Framed by the current climate crisis, exemplified by the record-breaking events of this summer, the event will highlight the growing role environmental data play in informing decisions and policies of our society, through a variety of voices and experiences

COP28: What we need from the Global Stocktake
Venue Action Arena 2 (Al Wakri), Blue Zone
Date 05 Dec 2023
Start time 10:00

This joint UNFCCC and UNEP side event features a presentation of the key findings of the UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2023 followed by a panel discussion on what we need from the Global Stocktake.

COP28: Press conference - Climate Action Tracker
Venue Press conference room 2, B6, Blue Zone
Date 05 Dec 2023
Start time 09:00

The CAT team presented their latest Global Update briefing at a press conference at COP28 in Dubai. Speakers: Ana Missirliu, NewClimate Institute Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute Cindy Baxter, Climate Action Tracker Bill Hare, Climate Analytics Claire Stockwell, Climate Analytics Fabby Tumiwa, The Institute for Essential Services Reform

Climate Action Tracker Briefing: No change to warming as fossil fuel endgame brings focus onto false solutions
Publication date 05 Dec 2023

Despite government promises, warming projections have not improved since Glasgow two years ago, amid worsening climate impacts, the Climate Action Tracker finds in a their latest briefing.

Press release - CAT COP28 briefing
Publication date 05 Dec 2023

Despite their promises, governments have not taken enough action to drive down warming projections, with some instead turning to false solutions such as CCS to continue the world's reliance on fossil fuels, the Climate Action Tracker said as it released its annual warming update at COP28.

COP28: Press conference - Net Zero Tracker
Venue Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6-Builiding 77, Blue Zone
Date 04 Dec 2023
Start time 10:00

The Net Zero Tracker consortium will release new work at press conference at COP28, Dubai.

COP28: Just Energy Transition in Low and Middle-Income Countries – Insights from UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report 2023
Venue South Africa Pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 03 Dec 2023
Start time 10:30

This side event had a special focus on discussions on just energy transition in low- and middle-income countries and the potential synergies and trade-offs in jointly pursuing development and decarbonization agendas.

COP28: Nordic Stocktake and Visions for a Global Net-Zero Future
Venue Nordic Pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 02 Dec 2023
Start time 17:00

At this side event, there was a presentation of main findings of the Nordic Stocktake project, followed by an interactive panel debate on GLOBAL VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE.

Five major shifts since the Paris Agreement that give hope in a just, Paris-compatible transition
Publication date 23 Nov 2023

An overview of what has been achieved in the last decade in international climate policy at the global level focussing on the positive trends.

COP28 needs to switch mode from finding the smallest common denominator to achieving what was before unimaginable
Publication date 22 Nov 2023

The 28th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC (COP) takes place from 30 November - 12 December 2023, at the end of another year of record-high temperatures and climate change impacts, which are rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity, causing loss of livelihoods around the globe, and particularly in vulnerable developing countries. We hear more and more voices saying that “we will not make it” and “we are doomed”. However, the past decades have shown that positive change can happen faster than expected and that we have all the tools to protect this planet and its inhabitants. COP28 has a...

NewClimate Institute at COP28
Publication date 22 Nov 2023

The 28th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC takes place from 30 November - 12 December 2023. NewClimate Institute will be present in Dubai participating in multiple events and releasing new analyses.

Wind and solar benchmarks for a 1.5°C world
Publication date 21 Nov 2023

We provide a stepwise methodology for defining credible, replicable, and transparent 1.5°C compatible benchmarks for wind and solar capacity expansion and generation at the country level while accounting for national circumstances.

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