Net Zero Tracker

The Net Zero Tracker is the world’s only open-source independent review of the quantity and quality of net zero targets across countries, regions, cities, and companies. The database includes:

  • UNFCCC member states and selected self-governing territories
  • states and regions in the 25 largest-emitting countries
  • every city with a population above 500,000
  • all companies listed in the Forbes Global 2000 list.

We put together publicly available information about entities' net zero targets in a consistent and comparable way to allow the quality of targets to be compared and evaluated by a range of stakeholders, including campaigners, journalists, investors, ESG specialists, policymakers and the public at large. 

It shines a light on the existence (or lack there of) of pledges and parameters of integrity — for example, whether an entity has:

  • set interim targets
  • published a plan outlining how it will reach net zero
  • committed to report its progress annually
  • is clear about the scopes of emissions contained in its target, and planned use of offsets.

The Net Zero Tracker is run by four organisations: Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, Oxford Net Zero, Data-Driven EnviroLab, and NewClimate Institute.


In September 2023, Data-Driven EnviroLab (DDL), a member of the Net Zero Tracker consortium, teamed up with technology start-up Arboretica to develop ChatNetZero. ChatNetZero is the world’s first net-zero policy and action chatbot powered by large language models (LLMs) and provides a potent fact-checking and anti-greenwashing tool. ChatNetZero is trained on narrowly-focused, expert-vetted data found on the Net Zero Tracker, our database tracking more than 4,000 corporate, national, and local government entities and their decarbonization goals

ChatNetZero can accurately answer questions about climate and net-zero commitments for nearly 200 countries, every region in the largest 25 emitting nations, from California to Guangdong, every city with over 500,000 inhabitants, and the 2,000 largest publicly listed companies in the world by revenue. It can answer questions like:

  • “Tell me about the targets of Amazon and Walmart, and do they cover Scope 3 emissions?” 
  • “Are offsets a credible way to reach net-zero emissions?” 
  • “Can a fossil fuel company set a credible net-zero target?”

The public, private entities, and investors share many similar questions, seeking answers to guide consumer and investment decisions, as well as to compare sectoral climate practices and identify problematic areas and unknowns. ChatNetZero’s beta version responds to prompts with answers that draw from Net Zero Tracker data and accompanying reports, including guidelines from the UN’s High-Level Expert Group on Net Zero Accountability released last November. Equipped with these analytical insights, ChatNetZero will be able to answer these and a myriad of other questions to expand net zero literacy overall.

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