Frederic Hans joined NewClimate Institute as a Climate Policy Analyst in June 2016. Frederic’s work focuses on tracking and evaluating climate action at the national, sub-national, and corporate level. Frederic has led and contributed to several projects developing frameworks on low-emission strategies, guidance on effective climate target setting, and quantitatively analysing greenhouse gas emissions trajectories.

At NewClimate, he is part of the core teams of the Climate Action Tracker evaluating national climate change efforts and the Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor assessing companies’ climate action. Frederic is a lead author of Chapter 4 in both the UNEP Emissions Gap Reports of 2019 and 2020, and a contributing author to all reports since 2018.

Prior to joining NewClimate Institute, he worked as a research assistant in two research projects on environmental governance at ETH Zurich and IHEID Geneva and spent time in the Brasília office of the KfW Entwicklungsbank supporting investment projects on renewable energies and environmental protection.

Frederic holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of St. Gallen and a M.A. in Comparative and International Studies from ETH Zurich with a focus on quantitative research methods and political economy. For his master’s thesis, he applied quantitative models to analyse how climate-induced famines affect long term socioeconomic development. Frederic completed a course in 2016 to become a Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance at the Frankfurt School UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance.

Net Zero Stocktake 2022
Publication date 13 Jun 2022

Assessing the status and trends of net zero target setting across countries, sub-national governments and companies. Net zero is the...

Unpacking the COVID-19 rescue and recovery spending: an assessment of implications on greenhouse gas emissions towards 2030 for key emitters
Publication date 11 Mar 2022

In this Climate Action publication, we find that only parts of the fiscal stimulus spending in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by 26...

Twenty years of climate policy: G20 coverage and gaps
Publication date 02 Nov 2021

In this Climate Policy publication, we show that the number and coverage of climate change mitigation policies have increased in the...

The Emissions Gap Report 2021
Publication date 26 Oct 2021

This is the twelfth edition of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report. It assesses the gap between...

Publication in Nature Climate Change: Wave of net zero emission targets opens window to meeting the Paris Agreement
Publication date 16 Sep 2021

This article published in "Nature Climate Change" analyses the recent wave of national net zero targets showing that there is...

Climate Action Tracker – Scaling Up Climate Action

In a consortium with Climate Analytics and Ecofys, NewClimate Institute contributes to the Climate Action Tracker’s Scaling Up Climate...

Technology NDE for Germany

In a consortium led by HEAT International, NewClimate Institute was contracted by the German Ministry of Economics and Energy to...

Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker is a science-based assessment that provides regularly updated information on countries’ emission reduction...

Actor and Policy Mapping Tool
Publication date 25 Feb 2020

The Actor and Policy Mapping Tool is an open-source, Excel-based tool to map actors, policies, and policy planning processes in a...

Net Zero Tracker press conference
Venue Room: Nairobi 4, SB 56 Bonn
Date 13 Jun 2022
Start time 09:15 am

This briefing will introduce a new Global Stocktake of net zero commitments; assessing the status and trends of net zero target-setting...

Making long-term low GHG emissions development strategies a reality
Venue Online
Date 26 Nov 2020

Thomas Day, Frederic Hans, Julie Emmrich (all NewClimate), Ilka Starrost (GIZ), Lisa Herrmann (GIZ) and Siddharth Pathak (2050 Pathways...

How can South Africa move toward a 1.5 C pathway?
Venue COP24
Date 06 Dec 2018

Niklas Höhne and Frederic Hans presented on "How can South Africa move toward a 1.5 C pathway? Scaling up climate action and benefits...

GHG mitigation scenarios for major emitting countries - COP 23
Venue COP23
Date 08 Nov 2017

Takeshi Kuramochi, Frederic Hans (NewClimate Institute), Michel den Elzen (PBL) and Nicklas Forsell (IIASA) presented findings from the...

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