The Net Zero Tracker team presented their latest analysis "The Net Zero Stocktake 2023" at a press conference in Bonn.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording online.


  • Kaya Axelsson, Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow, Oxford Net Zero.
  • Richard Black, Sr. Associate, Energy & Climate Change Intelligence Unit (ECIU) (moderator).
  • Professor Thomas Hale, Global Public Policy, Oxford Net Zero.
  • Dr Angel Hsu, Assistant Professor, Founder, Data-Driven EnviroLab, UNC.
  • Dr Takeshi Kuramochi, Senior Climate Policy Researcher, NewClimate Institute.


The briefing introduces a new global stocktake of net zero commitments, exploring the pace of target setting and whether net zero targets are becoming more robust, a prerequisite for delivering the Paris Agreement’s climate targets. The Stocktake assesses the quality & quantity of net zero targets, across countries, sub-national governments, and large publicly-traded companies, providing the world’s broadest ‘living’ register of global net zero targets. This is the third annual stocktake from the NZT consortium, and will look at both the extent to which new targets are being set and indicators of their robustness.

The UN Global Stocktake will continue at Bonn, prior to its culmination at COP28, providing a baseline and lever for future action. The Net Zero Tracker’s Stocktake report will pre-emptively indicate if country commitments can drive a fundamental shift towards deep decarbonisation, as well as showing the extent of commitments by non-state entities.

COP28: Early retirement of fossil fuel assets
Venue IDFC pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 11 Dec 2023
Start time 06:30 pm

This side event aimed to support development banks to learn how they could best mobilise finance to enable ambitious early retirement...

COP28: Turning the Global Stocktake into Action on the Ground
Venue SE Room 1, Zone B6
Date 09 Dec 2023
Start time 04:45 pm

At COP28, negotiators must deliver a rapid response plan to the Global Stocktake that decarbonizes economies at a pace and depth scale...

COP28: Funding the Green Transition: Navigating Developing Countries’ Climate Finance Needs
Venue SE Room 8, Zone B6
Date 09 Dec 2023
Start time 03:00 pm

In the context of the Global Stocktake and negotiations on the NCQC to mobilise climate finance, this side event discussed articulation...

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