Analysis of climate finance flows and development of policies and instruments to maximise the impact of finance on the ground.

Many countries need financial support to implement climate compatible development strategies and decarbonisation plans.
Many countries need financial support to implement climate compatible development strategies and decarbonisation plans.

Solving the climate challenge requires redirecting investments towards climate-compatible options and supporting countries and investors to integrate climate concerns into their policies. We analyse current climate finance flows and develop concrete proposals on how climate finance can be applied most effectively from a funder’s as well as recipient’s perspective. Combining practical experience from our in-country work with our research and analysis of climate policies and their impacts, we address the challenge from different perspectives:

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Frauke Röser
Frauke Röser
Markus Hagemann
Markus Hagemann

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  • Comprehensive analyses to understand barriers to investment and how to remove these most effectively to achieve climate and development objectives
  • Designing finance schemes and mechanism according to local requirements which seek to stimulate private sector investment through targeted public finance interventions to advance climate action
  • Developing methodologies and frameworks for the evaluation of the effectiveness and impacts of financial interventions, and feeding results back into the design of finance strategies and guidelines at international, national and organisational levels.

Associated projects


Results-based financing in Carbon Markets – connecting market and non-market based approaches

Current situation of results-based financing (RBF) approaches in climate policy.


2°C compatible investment criteria

Developing criteria and a toolkit to help investors to align their investments with the 2°C goal Return to all expertise and projects NewClimate Institute led a consortium of Germanwatch, the 2°investing initiative and McKinsey to develop criteria and a toolkit for investors to align their investments with the internationally agreed 2°C climate limit. Whilst the… Read More

Uganda GCF_2

GCF Country Programme Uganda

Technical assistance to the Government of Uganda for the development of a country programme for the GCF Return to all expertise and projects NewClimate supported the development of a country programme for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for Uganda in an advisory function. The project was conducted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)… Read More


Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor

Creation of an index to assess the fitness of countries as potential investment destinations for building low carbon and climate resilient energy infrastructure Return to all expertise and projects NewClimate Institute partnered with Germanwatch to develop a Climate and Energy Monitor for Allianz Climate Solutions. The monitor ranks the G20 member countries according to their… Read More

Further reading

Picture_report Brown to Green Sep 2016 - Download report Visit the ‘Climate Transparency’ page See open response to comments from the Minister for the Environment and Energy, Australia This “Brown to Green” report by Climate Transparency provides a comprehensive overview and assessment for the G20 countries, whether – and how well – they are doing on the journey to transition to a… Read More
Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor May 2016 - The Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor ranks G20 member states on their attractiveness as potential destinations for investment in low-carbon electricity infrastructure. It takes into account their current and future investment needs in line with a 2° C global warming trajectory.
Picture GPA report Global Good Practice Analysis 2.0 Dec 2015 - Download Summary Report Download case studies The Global Good Practice Analysis is a joint initiative by the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV and the UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme and documents examples of mitigation-related good practice worldwide which demonstrate how INDCs, LEDS, NAMAs and MRV systems are being effectively designed and implemented across… Read More
2c Developing 2°C compatible investment criteria Nov 2015 - This report studies the development of criteria for assessing the compatibility of financial investments with the international goal to limit global temperature increase to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.
2C-Investment Developing criteria to align investments with 2°C compatible pathways Jun 2015 - This report was prepared in the context of the G7 summit meeting. It maps existing 2°C relevant criteria used by financial institutions and discusses what 2°C criteria might look like for key investment areas.
global-finance-needs Global climate finance needs Apr 2014 - Frauke Röser, Markus Hagemann, Niklas Höhne, Murray Ward, Michel Bosquet, Hanna Fekete, Thomas Day, Gideon van Toledo
This study aimed to provide insights into the questions of how much climate finance will be needed and how this should be delivered, through a comprehensive literature review of available studies and data on investment needs.
External publication from the European Commission.

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