This event was a pre-meeting workshop to the 35th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (MOP35). The objective of the workshop was to share information, experiences and lessons learned, as well as assess challenges related to ways of improving availability and accessibility to energy-efficient equipment and equipment using low- or zero-global-warming-potential alternatives during the implementation of the Kigali Amendment. The workshop’s outcomes will feed into discussions at the MOP35.

As part of Session IV on Enabling policies for an integrated approach, NewClimate’s Lukas Kahlen gave a presentation on financing energy efficiency and sustainable RAC and participated in the follow-up panel discussion. The session discussed the importance of an integrated approach, addressing the need to curtailing the growing demand for cooling through sustainable measures, including both traditional and innovative methods.


Moderation: Thanavat Junchaya, World Bank

  • Integrated policy approach: National Cooling Action Plans, lessons learned, way forward

    • Etienne Gonin, UNDP
  • Building and urban design to reduce cooling load and for heat resilience, including district cooling and heating
    • Rajan Rawal, Centre for Advanced Research and Building Science and Energy, CEPT University
  • Financing energy efficiency and sustainable RAC (Download slides here)
    • Lukas Kahlen, NewClimate Institute


  • Download all presentations from the workshop here on the conference's website
  • Watch the recording of the workshop here on YouTube (NewClimate's presentation starts at 2h30)


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