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Frauke Röser is founding partner of NewClimate Institute. With over twelve years of experience in climate and sustainable energy policy and international development she has led many projects for a variety of public and private sector clients, including bilateral and multilateral development agencies and banks, national governments, the European Commission, foundations and companies. Her work focuses in particular on advancing climate policy in developing countries, including defining national contributions and mitigation actions, climate finance and new market mechanisms. This spans the development of conceptual frameworks and strategies, designing sector specific policy response and measures as well as building capacities and institutional frameworks on the ground. In the context of climate finance, the focus of her work has been on designing financial mechanisms in specific country contexts, including results based and market approaches, as well as research on the effectiveness of climate finance and identification of finance needs. She has extensive country experience including work in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Lebanon, Tunisia, Uganda and South Africa. Before founding NewClimate Institute Frauke worked for several years for a number of international consultancies in Germany and the UK on climate policy, sustainable energy policy and the wider sustainable development agenda. For several years she was based in Argentina working for the government as climate policy advisor in the Energy Secretariat of the Ministry of Planning.

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