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Promoting low-carbon and climate-resilient development in Argentina

Supporting Argentina’s climate action and NDC implementation in key economic sectors.

Strategic Horizon Scanning (Klimascan)

The project establishes a horizon scanning system to systematically identify trends and developments across all areas of the economy and society that are relevant in the context of the government’s climate protection policy.

Finance needs for Indonesia’s Just Energy Transition Partnership

Assessing the financial requirements for a socially just power sector transition that delivers for people and the climate

Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy (CASE) for Southeast Asia

The CASE projects seeks to drive the energy sector transition in four partner countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sino German Cooperation on Climate Change (SGCCC)

The project supports the implementation of existing and development of new, climate ambitious measures and opportunities in China.

Strengthen national climate policy implementation: Comparative empirical learning & creating linkage to climate finance (SNAPFI)

This project supports NDC implementation in partner countries with research-based policy advice and capacity development.

Deep Decarbonisation in Latin America

Create an improved policy and regulatory framework to mobilise investments to achieve the long-term goals of the PA in Latin America.

De-risking renewable energy investment in South Eastern Europe

Looked at the impact of de-risking measures on the financing cost of renewable energy investments in Greece and Serbia.

Landscape of Climate Finance: Promoting debate on climate finance flows in Central Europe

The project promoted best practices in the assessment of current investment levels to support an increase in sustainable financial flows.

Overviews on sectoral implementation of nationally determined contributions

An overview of status and prospects for NDC implementation at the sector level. It provides key recommendations with implementation.

Technology NDE for Germany

Aid the operation of the German National Designated Entity (NDE) to foster cooperation and technology transfer in support of climate policy goals.

Mobilising Nordic climate finance post Paris

Study to identify how Nordic institutions can best contribute to mobilising climate finance for developing countries to support the PA.

EU Climate diplomacy

Reviewed the EU’s climate diplomacy effectiveness from 2009-2015, and developed recommendations on the EU’s strategy for the negotiations.

Ambition to Action

A2A supports Argentina, Indonesia, and Kenya with the implementation of their NDCs by applying a benefits-based approach.

Supporting the Tunisian Solar Plan NAMA

Develop a NAMA framework to create enabling conditions through policy and derisiking instruments into the electricity sector.

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