NewClimate Institute, as an implementing partner of GIZ, supports the Governments of Georgia and Mongolia with the further development of their climate policy planning.

In Mongolia, NewClimate Institute supported the government to establish the process for the update of the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution. Contributing towards this process, the support focused on analysis and guidance for the energy supply sector, including the analysis of potential long-term decarbonisation pathways for the sector. The project continues to support the Government of Mongolia in the development of the NDC Implementation Plan, as well as through the theoretical analysis of specific ambition raising opportunities for the energy sector, such as the potential applications and policy options for green hydrogen in Mongolia.

In Georgia, NewClimate supports the government with the development of its first Climate Action Plan and the consolidation of the recurring Climate Action Plan process with other relevant climate and energy planning processes. The project focuses in particular on analysis of the transport and agriculture sectors, to identify the role that can be played in these sectors for the implementation of the updated NDC and for ambition raising in the future.

Informed by the experiences from these country-level processes and the broader experience of the consortium partners, a series of guidance documents and briefing papers related to key aspects of climate planning processes have been developed for an international audience. This includes guidance on the development of long-term strategies (LTS), guidance for the consolidation of climate and energy planning processes in the Energy Community countries, and the publication of a tool to support stakeholder and policy mapping exercises at the national level.

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