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The potential of business initiatives in emission reduction

Companies commitments to contribute to the long-term targets of the PA can significantly reduce emissions, with supportive policy.

Benefits of climate change mitigation action in cities

The project involved quantitative analysis of the benefits of potential climate change mitigation actions for cities.

Supporting the Tunisian Solar Plan NAMA

Develop a NAMA framework to create enabling conditions through policy and derisiking instruments into the electricity sector.

Benchmarking Guide for climate policy instruments

Provide an overview and practical guidance for policy-makers and practitioners on the main design elements of establishing benchmarks.

What the Paris Agreement means for Germany’s climate action

This analysis translates the goals of the international climate regime as determined by the Paris Agreement into the German context.

Innovative Financing Options for the Adaptation Fund

Provide an updated analysis on carbon pricing instruments to serve as a new source of innovative finance for the Adaptation Fund.

Climate Transparency

The report provides an overview on G20 countries, and identifies the leaders and laggards in climate action.

International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) outside the UNFCCC

Analyse the impact of international, regional and national initiatives outside the UNFCCC on greenhouse gas emissions.

Mitigation impacts of energy efficiency and renewable energy actions under the One Gigaton Coalition

Develop an approach for quantifying emissions reductions arising from RE and EE initiatives and programmes in developing countries.

Climate Policy Database

The database contains policy data for G20 countries and provides a number of “policy options,” that form a package to mitigate GHG emissions.

Development of a sectoral market-based approach

Focused on the social housing sector, identifying activities that can generate an incentive for ambitious emission reductions.

Integration of market mechanisms and emission trading schemes

Provided a foundation of the German position in the climate negotiations. and in the European and global negotiation process.

Offsetting in carbon taxation systems

Analysed how offsets can be used in national carbon pricing systems to support other national climate policies and targets.

Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor

The monitor ranks the G20 countries according to their relative fitness to close the financing gap in low carbon energy infrastructure.

GCF Country Programme Uganda

Highlights key investment areas for Uganda based INDC which sets out priority actions in adaptation and mitigation.

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