The research funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCOM), developed by NewClimate Institute, C40, and GCOM investigates the economic, social, and environmental benefits for climate change mitigation action in cities.

The analysis is based on the development of new methodologies, which provide local and national policymakers with a blueprint for how cities and nations can evaluate these impacts and benefits to develop their own robust cases for climate change mitigation policies. Enhanced policies and measures for residential building retrofits, bus networks and district-scale renewable energy can generate millions of jobs, save billions of dollars for households, and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths related to ambient air pollution worldwide.

Analysis for the three specific climate change mitigation actions was conducted at the regional level, with regionally aggregated results available for North America, China, the EU, Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. The resulted were also scaled to the global and city network levels.

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