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Accounting under a 2015 agreement

Provided recommendations on the design of a future transparent, and comparable accounting framework for all Parties.

ACT 2015

Developed potential propositions for what the climate agreement at COP21 could look like which was presented in a series of workshops.

Bilateral agreements as basis towards piloting sectoral market mechanisms

Assessed opportunities provided by bilateral agreements for piloting market-based approaches at sectoral levels.

Evaluating the state of the CDM

Evaluation of the state of CDM projects to form conclusions and the required level and means of international support.

Mitigation responsibilities under a 2015 international climate agreement

Analysed options for mitigation commitments under the climate agreement to determine ambitious emission reduction commitments.

Climate Action Tracker

An up-to-date assessment of individual country emission reduction pledges and policies, and compares to what is necessary to limit warming.

Development of a NAMA proposal for Peru

Supported the Peruvian government to develop a NAMA proposal in RE and climate change strategy to obtain international support.

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