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Increasing transparency and integrity of corporate climate pledges

The main aim is to develop robust, evidence-based research and advocacy to help facilitate credible, transparent corporate climate action and pledges.

Analysis of pre-2020 developments in the global carbon market

Developed and applied a method to assess the vulnerability of existing project-based mitigation activities to discontinuing their abatement activity.

Sustainable development framework for market mechanisms

Provides an identification of practical solutions and concrete proposals for the implementation of SD indicators in GHG mitigation projects.

Climate Opportunity

Development of new methodologies, to provide policymakers with a blueprint on how cities evaluate these impacts and benefits.

Overviews on sectoral implementation of nationally determined contributions

An overview of status and prospects for NDC implementation at the sector level. It provides key recommendations with implementation.

Capacity building for integrated and ambitious climate policy planning in Georgia and Mongolia

Support the Government of Mongolia in the development of the NDC Implementation Plan, as well as ambition raising in the energy sector.

Benefits of climate change mitigation action in cities

The project involved quantitative analysis of the benefits of potential climate change mitigation actions for cities.

GCF Country Programme Uganda

Highlights key investment areas for Uganda based INDC which sets out priority actions in adaptation and mitigation.

Supporting the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) process in Uganda

Supported the development of a country programme for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for Uganda in an advisory function.

Co-benefits of climate change contributions

Assess the co-benefits of climate change mitigation action and how they could be used to incentivise further ambitious GHG reductions.

Experiences and lessons learned in the preparation of INDCs

Track the progress of the preparation of INDCs of countries worldwide and provide experiences and lessons learned.

Evaluating the state of the CDM

Evaluation of the state of CDM projects to form conclusions and the required level and means of international support.

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