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State of Climate Action 2021
Publication date 09 Jun 2022

The report identifies 40 indicators across key sector and assesses how current trends will impact how much work remains to be done by 2030 and 2050

Supporting collective progress assessment under the Global Stocktake
Publication date 09 Jun 2022

Differentiated analysis of collective progress and national courses of action following the Global Stocktake

Climate Audit of German and EU Foreign Diplomacy
Publication date 15 Feb 2022

The project aims to to analyse the extent to which German and EU foreign diplomacy are aligned with the European Green Deal and the PA.

Tracking national mitigation efforts post-2020
Publication date 29 Oct 2021

An assessment of expected emissions change in the coming decade under current policies compared with emission decrease needed for the PA.

Increasing transparency and integrity of corporate climate pledges
Publication date 06 Oct 2021

The main aim is to develop robust, evidence-based research and advocacy to help facilitate credible, transparent corporate climate action and pledges.

Working together to achieve the Paris climate goals and sustainable development
Publication date 20 Sep 2021

The study analyses the need for stronger integration of climate and development policy in the global South required for the achievement of the PA.

Advancing the COMPASS toolbox to assess climate action

Advancement in the COMPASS tools to provide resources for governments and non-state actors to help with a range of climate action impacts.

Appraising policy choices for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement
Publication date 20 Jul 2021

Explores the potential global net emission reductions achieved through Article 6 and the revenue generated to help meet the adaptation needs.

NDC Design
Publication date 07 Jul 2021

The purpose of this project was to develop a method to systematically assess the design of NDCs and to apply it to 20 NDCs.

Operationalization Framework on Aligning with the Paris Agreement
Publication date 28 May 2021

A framework for development financial institutions which provides a selection of tools and approaches to align financial flows with the PA.

Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy (CASE) for Southeast Asia

The CASE projects seeks to drive the energy sector transition in four partner countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sino German Cooperation on Climate Change (SGCCC)
Publication date 27 May 2021

The project supports the implementation of existing and development of new, climate ambitious measures and opportunities in China.

Horizon 2020 ENGAGE
Publication date 15 May 2021

Development and update of the Climate Policy Database which will serve as key inputs to various climate policy scenario analyses.

Strengthen national climate policy implementation: Comparative empirical learning & creating linkage to climate finance
Publication date 30 Apr 2021

This project supports NDC implementation in partner countries with research-based policy advice and capacity development.

Understanding Climate Neutrality and Net Zero Targets
Publication date 18 Sep 2020

Investigated climate neutrality targets and claims made from countries and companies, and analysed what they mean in terms of climate impact.

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