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Thomas Day is a climate policy analyst at NewClimate Institute, with more than 10 years of experience in the climate policy field. Thomas’ analysis covers various aspects of carbon market mechanisms, corporate climate commitments, and the development of climate policy at the national level. Thomas’ extensive research on Kyoto-era market mechanisms contributed towards a significant global knowledge gap on the current situation of mitigation activities under global carbon markets. This research has been influential for informing the debate on the potential risks and safeguards associated with different options for the use of offsetting credits post-2020. These insights have particular relevance for the analysis of voluntary carbon markets and corporate net-zero targets, as well as the analysis of international offsetting activities under Article 6 mechanisms.

At the national climate policy planning level, Thomas provides direct advisory support to governments with regards to their climate change planning processes and the development of climate change mitigation policy. In this capacity, Thomas’ work with the governments of Mongolia, Kenya and Georgia has included support for the development of national climate action plans, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and long-term decarbonisation pathways, as well as consultation on the different options for interaction with Article 6 mechanisms.

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