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Markus Hagemann is a founding partner of NewClimate Institute. He has been working in the field of international climate policies since 2007. An industrial engineer by training, Markus Hagemann has expertise on a broad spectrum of issues related to quantitative and qualitative analysis focusing on low carbon development and climate mitigation. In parallel to his work Markus is also pursuing a PhD at the University of Utrecht, focusing on technology transfer and innovation systems in emerging economies. He has experiences in working and living abroad, including a total of 1.5 years of study abroad during his studies in Canada, Nicaragua and the Netherlands.

Prior to co-founding NewClimate Institute, Markus worked as a consultant at Ecofys. At Ecofys, Markus worked on issues as broad as modelling of effort sharing approaches, evaluation of policy packages, energy system modelling, governance of NAMAs or monitoring approaches for climate funds.

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