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Carsten Warnecke has deep long-standing expertise in international carbon markets and co-founded NewClimate Institute. With over fifteen years of on-the-ground experience he has led many research and consultancy projects for a variety of public and private sector clients. His recent research activities focus on the climate impact of ICAO’s CORSIA scheme, the implementation of Article 6 in line with the ambition of the Paris Agreement and the urgency of IPCC 1.5°C report as well as the piloting of Article 6 and ITMO transfers and offset credit supply potentials from CDM, VCS, Gold Standard and CAR. This includes concepts for ambition raising, the future of the voluntary market after 2020, contributions to overall mitigation and framework concepts for the integration of SDG in market mechanisms. He led a comprehensive evaluation of the CDM, which resulted in a unique database on the status of existing project-based activities. This data informed various research activities and led to a large number of publications, including in Nature Climate Change.

In the past Carsten contributed to the further development of the Flexible Kyoto Mechanisms (CDM, JI), further project-based instruments such as domestic and voluntary approaches, emissions trading systems (ETS), monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) approaches and non-market-based approaches such as NAMAs and results-based financing (RBF). He led CDM market support studies, work for the further development of domestic JI in Germany, contributed to the development of monitoring and reporting guidelines for new activities in the EU ETS as well as support to the EU Commission for the evaluation of the ETS implementation at the level of member states. Before co-founding NewClimate Institute, Carsten worked for a leading consultancy firm, where he was content lead for market-based mechanisms within a broader climate policy landscape. Prior to that Carsten managed the MRV & Issuance unit of a CDM and Gold Standard project developer.

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