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Appraising policy choices for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Explores the potential global net emission reductions achieved through Article 6 and the revenue generated to help meet the adaptation needs.

Understanding Climate Neutrality and Net Zero Targets

Investigated climate neutrality targets and claims made from countries and companies, and analysed what they mean in terms of climate impact.

CORSIA: Analysis and evaluation of regulating international aviation emissions through offsetting

An assessment of CORSIA – proposed recommendations and evaluated potential sources of supply for offset credits.

Future role for voluntary carbon markets after 2020

An assessment of operating models for voluntary carbon markets, providing recommendations to maintain finance to emission reduction activities.

Analysis of pre-2020 developments in the global carbon market

Developed and applied a method to assess the vulnerability of existing project-based mitigation activities to discontinuing their abatement activity.

Virtual Article 6 Pilots

These virtual pilots are intended to be mitigation pilot activities based on real-world contexts, which could be implemented in the future.

Technical advisory services “Global Carbon Market”

Support in strengthening Germany’s cooperation on carbon markets and its position on international emissions trade instruments of the PA.

Benchmarking Guide for climate policy instruments

Provide an overview and practical guidance for policy-makers and practitioners on the main design elements of establishing benchmarks.

Innovative Financing Options for the Adaptation Fund

Provide an updated analysis on carbon pricing instruments to serve as a new source of innovative finance for the Adaptation Fund.

Development of a sectoral market-based approach

Focused on the social housing sector, identifying activities that can generate an incentive for ambitious emission reductions.

Integration of market mechanisms and emission trading schemes

Provided a foundation of the German position in the climate negotiations. and in the European and global negotiation process.

Offsetting in carbon taxation systems

Analysed how offsets can be used in national carbon pricing systems to support other national climate policies and targets.

Intended Nationally Determined Contribution for Vietnam

Supported Vietnam and a team of national consultants with the preparation of the INDC for the waste and agriculture sectors.

Carbon integrity assessment of mitigation actions

Aimed to develop a methodology to assess the monitoring and calculations of GHG emission reductions are real and based on sound processes.

Results-based financing in Carbon Markets – connecting market and non-market based approaches

Highlights how climate and carbon finance can benefit and support each other in the design of RBF mechanisms catalysing climate action.

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