NewClimate Institute was contracted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), as part of a larger consortium, comprised of leading experts from various organisations in the field of carbon markets and mitigation policies, market mechanisms and climate finance, to advise GIZ’s agency on its “Global Carbon Market” project. Under this framework NewClimate experts provide consultancy services which ensure solid support for strengthening Germany’s bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation on carbon markets and its position on international emissions trade instruments of the Paris Agreement.

NewClimate experts delivered advisory services in the form of policy briefs, short technical papers, in-depth studies and detailed technical analyses to establish a tailor-made knowledge platform. NewClimate experts inter alia lead or provided substantial inputs to work on the ambition raising objective of Article 6, implementation options of overall mitigation of global emission requested by Article 6.4(d) and environmental integrity risks of using REDD+ offsets in international carbon markets. This cooperation framework was extended beyond its initial year contract for another three years.

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