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COP27: Paris-compatible sector benchmarks to help in defining national and corporate climate action
Venue COP27, WeMeanBusiness Pavilion, Auditorium A
Date 14 Nov 2022
Start time 14:30

The event presented and discussed the results of multiple years of work to develop and update Paris-compatible sectoral benchmarks. Sectoral benchmarks break down the mitigation objectives under the Paris Agreement to the sectoral level and hence make them more accessible to a broader audience. Those benchmarks aim at helping decision makers to assess if recent developments and future targets of countries, as well as non-state and subnational actors, are compatible with the Paris Agreement’s long-term temperature limit. Beyond providing the benchmark, they also enlighten on the road to achieve...

COP27: Climate Change Performance Index 2023 launch
Venue COP27, room Luxor
Date 14 Nov 2022
Start time 12:00

This event launched the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2023. The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is a tool for increasing transparency in international climate change policy we publish annually together with Germanwatch and Climate Action Network. It aims to enable transparency in international climate politics and comparability of individual countries’ climate protection efforts and progress. The CCPI uses a framework of standardised criteria to assess and compare the climate performances of 60 countries and the EU (as of CCPI 2022). These collectively account for over 90% of...

COP27: Insights from the Emissions Gap Report 2022
Venue COP27, EU pavilion or online
Date 11 Nov 2022
Start time 09:00

This side event featured a presentation and discussions with the audience of the main findings of the 13th edition of UNEP Emissions Gap Report.

COP27: Exponential Climate Action Summit VII: Science & Solutions
Venue COP27, Climate Hub
Date 10 Nov 2022
Start time 15:30

How can business and society contribute to increased resilience, adaptation and mitigation? We explored nature-based solutions and carbon capture, decarbonization of industries and how digitalization and finance act as enablers. The event started at 15h30 local time / 14h30 CET. 15:30 EET – Section I: Framing the Science of Solutions on Adaptation and Mitigation Prof. Dr. Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström, Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Michael Wolosin, Managing Director, NCS Roadmap, Conservation International 16:00 EET – Section II: The...

COP27: Green Transition – How international cooperation can contribute to the NDCs and long-term strategies: a case from Germany-China
Venue COP27, China Pavilion, hybrid
Date 10 Nov 2022
Start time 11:00

Co-hosted by National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) and German Environment Agency (UBA), this event invited climate envoys of Germany and China, senior experts and academics, research institutions to discuss how international cooperation can contribute to the NDCs and long-term strategies. The event started at 11h00 EET / 10h00 CET. Speakers: Frauke RÖSER, Co-founder of the NewClimate Institute XU Huaqing, Director-General of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), the co-Leading Institute of the Sino-German...

COP27: Financing the global just transition and the need for combining detailed and high-level approaches
Venue COP27, Hatshepsut (300)
Date 10 Nov 2022
Start time 11:30

Financing a just transition requires understanding of sector- and country specific circumstances, innovative solutions as well as buy-in at the highest political level. At the same time global financial regulations, standards and norms need to be aligned with just and green transition requirements. Speakers: Aki Kachi (NewClimate Institute, Germany) Mihir Swarup Sharma (ORF, India), Arjan De Haan (IDRC, Canada) Daniela Gabor (UWE Bristol – via FJJ/FEPS) tbc Suranjali Tandon (National Institute of Public Finance and Policy- India via FJJ/FEPS) tbc Fabby Tumiwa (IESR, Indonesia), tbc The event...

COP27: Climate Action Tracker press conference
Venue COP27, room Luxor
Date 10 Nov 2022
Start time 10:00

The CAT team presented the latest Global Update briefing at a press conference at COP27.

COP27: The carbon market debate: are carbon credits necessary to achieve net-zero?
Venue COP27, IETA BusinessHub, Side Event Room
Date 10 Nov 2022
Start time 09:00

This session featured diverse voices debating whether carbon credits and offsets are necessary to achieve net-zero emissions. A panel of leading practitioners, researchers and experts shared views and insights on this fundamental climate policy and carbon pricing dilemma. The audience provided a final verdict. Speakers: Carsten Warnecke - New Climate Institute Stefano De Clara - ICAP Maggie Comstock - Pollination Gilles Dufrasne - Carbon Market Watch Moderator: Kate Abnett - Reuters

COP27: What action is needed across systems by 2030 to limit warming to 1.5°C?
Venue COP27, We Mean Business Pavilion, hybrid
Date 09 Nov 2022
Start time 09:00

Delivering climate action by 2030 to limit warming to 1.5°C will require rapid transformations across our major systems – energy, industry, food, forest and land, finance and more. To what extent are we on track? Where is change accelerating or lagging? What trends are revealed across these interconnected systems? How can we bolster the enabling conditions needed to scale transformation and navigate barriers? Systems Change Lab at COP27 unveiled our new open-source data platform and discussed the latest findings from the State of Climate Action 2022. Speakers: Ahmed Saeed, Vice President...

COP27: The state of climate action a year after the Glasgow Climate Pact - CAT
Venue COP27, Italian pavilion
Date 08 Nov 2022
Start time 14:30

As part of the Glasgow Climate Pact, governments agreed to revisit and strengthen their 2030 climate targets. In this side event, the Climate Action Tracker gave an overview of government NDC progress. The Climate Action Tracker tracks government climate targets and action in around 40 countries and analyses what this means for end of century warming. The event started at 14h30 (EET) / 13h30 (CET). Speakers: Mia Moisio (NewClimate Institute) Claire Stockwell (Climate Analytics) Partner organisations of the Climate Action Tracker

Online event: The State of Climate Action in 2022
Venue Online
Date 03 Nov 2022
Start time 15:00

Join us on November 3 from 3-4pm CET / 10-11am EDT for our launch event for the State of Climate Action 2022 report.

Responses to the global energy crisis: CASE country Indonesia
Venue Online, ISEW 2022
Date 14 Oct 2022
Start time 05:30

In this online event, NewClimate will participate in a discussion on responses to the global energy crisis focusing on the CASE country Indonesia. The last day of ISEW seeks to broaden the view to regional collaboration with a focus on the global energy crisis.

Corporate net-zero commitments: PR stunt or part of the solution?
Venue Online, ClientEarth Summit 2022
Date 11 Oct 2022
Start time 11:00

Over the last 18 months, companies have been eager to announce their net-zero commitments. Business evangelists laud the green ambition of corporate leaders, while the cynics say it's just greenwash. Join a wide-ranging panel of experts to explore how credible the claims are, and what might happen if they turn out to be a PR stunt.

Online event: What is a good target design and how do countries compare?
Venue Online
Date 21 Sep 2022

In this event, the CAT team presented their evaluation of governments’ net zero target design and outline what needs to happen between now and COP27.

Online event: Fuentes de financiamiento articulables a los procesos de descarbonización en LAC
Venue Online
Date 07 Sep 2022

In this Spanish online-event, Lukas Kahlen presented on the current situation and trends in the energy and and agriculture sectors regarding investments for decarbonisation. Online event recording:

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