On June 5th, the Net Zero Tracker is co-hosting an event alongside CDP, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), Climate Chance, InfluenceMap and NewClimate Institute at Bonn Climate Change Conference, examining the role of the private sector in bolstering ambitious and credible NDCs on the road to COP30. 

Indeed, as the countdown to ‘NDCs 3.0’ draws closer, countries are re-evaluating their climate commitments and preparing to submit new targets by early 2025. The private sector must play a pivotal role in both delivering emissions reductions and, in turn, assuring bolder climate commitments from national governments. The latest analysis from InfluenceMap and the Net Zero Tracker finds that, despite the explosion in corporate climate commitments, the private sector is still falling short in their climate commitments across all metrics of integrity, implementation and advocacy. 

This event will delve into the critical role of companies in contributing to NDCs, and will shed light on the importance of frameworks such as UN's Expert Group’s recommendations, and standardisation bodies such as the ISO - International Organization for Standardization Net Zero Standard. 

If you are attending SB 60 in Bonn, please RSVP to reserve your place at the side event and email [email protected].


  • Tatiana Boldyreva, Associate Director, Climate Change, CDP
  • Katherine Quinn, International Policy Lead, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
  • Sybrig Smit, NewClimate Institute
  • Dylan Tanner, Executive Director and Co-Founder, InfluenceMap (Moderator)
  • Tania Martha Thomas, Research Officer, Climate Chance
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