Emily Daly works on tracking climate action through benchmarking work for the buildings sector and renewable energy transitions.  Prior to joining NewClimate, she worked as an intern at UNEP-WCMC, supporting impact monitoring for the organization’s National Ecosystem Assessment project.  Emily holds a BA from Columbia University, and MSc degrees in Sociology & Global Change from The University of Edinburgh and in Climate Change: Environment, Science, and Policy from King’s College London. 


Wind and solar benchmarks for a 1.5°C world
Publication date 21 Nov 2023

Wind and solar technologies have emerged as key players in the transition to clean electricity, boasting significant growth attributed...

State of Climate Action 2023
Publication date 14 Nov 2023

Published ahead of the final phase of the Global Stocktake, the State of Climate Action 2023 offers a roadmap that the world can follow...

Systems Change Lab

Change is rarely linear, and transitions are often dynamic. A faster than expected growth has been observed in some technologies, e.g...

Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker is a science-based assessment that provides regularly updated information on countries’ emission reduction...

Virtual Event: The State of Climate Action in 2023
Venue Online
Date 15 Nov 2023
Start time 04:00 pm

Climate change is already wreaking havoc across the planet, devastating communities and ecosystems around the world. Humanity can no...

Release: State of Climate Action report finds progress lags on every measure except EV sales
Publication date 14 Nov 2023

WASHINGTON (November 14, 2023) – Global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C are failing across the board, with recent progress made on...

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