Climate change is already wreaking havoc across the planet, devastating communities and ecosystems around the world. Humanity can no longer afford to delay addressing the climate crisis. With the first Global Stocktake drawing to a close at COP28, governments must deliver a rapid response plan that accelerates climate action at a pace and scale not seen before.

To support this process, the upcoming State of Climate Action 2023 provides the most comprehensive, sector-by-sector roadmap to close the GHG emissions gap and limit global warming to 1.5°C. This report translates the Paris Agreement’s temperature limit into 2030 and 2050 targets across power, buildings, industry, transport, forests and land, food and agriculture, technological carbon removal and climate finance. It also issues an assessment of collective progress made toward these targets, revealing where global efforts stand and to what degree they must accelerate over this decade.

On November 15, join Systems Change Lab for a high-level discussion of the recent state of climate action, in partnership with the Bezos Earth Fund, Climate Action Tracker, Climate Analytics and NewClimate Institute, ClimateWorks Foundation, the United Nations Climate Change High-Level Champions and World Resources Institute.

This virtual event featured the report’s latest findings, highlighting both signals of positive change and instances of lackluster progress that continue to fall far short of global climate goals. Tune in to hear discussions from climate leaders about the key actions needed to accelerate transformational change this decade and ask panelists your most pressing questions about the state of climate action ahead of COP28.

Remarks from:

  • Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO, World Resources Institute
  • Helen Mountford, President and CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, President and Chairperson, the Global Environment Facility Author


  • Kelly Levin, Chief of Science, Data and Systems Change, the Bezos Earth Fund
  • Louise Jeffery, NewClimate Institute
  • Sophie Boehm, Research Associate II, Systems Change Lab, World Resources Institute
  • Claire Fyson, Co-Head of the Climate Policy Team, Climate Analytics

You can download the slide deck here.

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