NewClimate Institute, together with Yale University, has set up a comprehensive framework to quantify the impact of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) actions in developing countries that are attributable to the One Gigaton Coalition.

The One Gigaton Coalition is a voluntary international framework to increase efforts to measure and report reduced greenhouse gas emissions resulting from RE and EE initiatives and programmes, including the effects of donor supported activities, national government actions and initiatives by the private sector. This project aimed to develop an approach for quantifying emissions reductions arising from these initiatives and programmes in developing countries. In a first step, the impact of selected donor supported actions was estimated on the basis of data provided by the members of the Coalition. In a second step, particularly successful activities of countries in the Coalition were highlighted. Finally, emissions scenarios for developing countries as a whole were analysed in order to put the reductions of donor supported activities into context. In their entirety, these activities were meant to support the reporting activities of the Coalition by feeding back lessons learned from the analysis.

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