Juliette de Grandpré  works on carbon markets and development issues. She has more than 15 years of experience in the climate policy field. Particular areas of expertise include European climate policy, carbon pricing especially the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, carbon markets and just transition. Prior to joining NewClimate Institute she was a Senior Policy Advisor on Climate & Energy at WWF Germany where she led the organization’s strategic orientation on European climate and energy policy advocacy work as well as the work on carbon markets, focusing on the future of voluntary carbon markets, offsetting in corporate strategies and contribution claims. Juliette holds a Masters in European Law from the Free University of Brussels and a Bachelor's in political science at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques “Sciences Po” Strasburg, with a focus on international relations.  

Assessment of the G20 members’ long-term strategies
Publication date 24 Aug 2023

Key enablers: technology, finance and capacity building Fifteen out of 17 LTS we analysed acknowledge the need for R&D in key...

Shifting voluntary climate finance to the high hanging fruit of climate action
Publication date 21 Jul 2023

The high hanging fruit of mitigation potential refers to the technologies and measures to decarbonise emission sources that remain...

A guide to climate contributions: Taking responsibility for emissions without offsetting
Publication date 05 Jul 2023

This document aims to help address a growing demand for guidance on how companies can take responsibility for their emissions by...

Renewable Senegal
Publication date 02 Jun 2023

Senegal has already had major success in renewable energy development but is coming to a threshold where additional measures will be...

FAQs - Climate contributions
Publication date 05 Jul 2023

In our document "A guide to climate contributions: Taking responsibility for emissions without offsetting" we aim to help address a...

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