Economic Impact Model for Electricity Supply (EIM-ES)

The EIM-ES is a transparent, Excel-based tool that estimates the domestic employment impacts of investments in the electricity supply sector within a country to aid policy decision makers. The model covers all relevant electricity generation technologies – both low carbon and fossil fuel-based plants – in order to provide an assessment of employment creation under different future pathways for the development of the electricity sector. It also provides information on wider economic indicators such as investment requirements, economic value added and trade.

The tool has been used to compare the magnitude of employment and other economic impacts under a range of scenarios in Argentina and South Africa with analysis ongoing in a number of additional countries (Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia).

The model and accompanying documentation, including an overview, methodology and userguide are available on the Ambition to Action website.

If you would like to know more about the tool, please contact Harry Fearnehough or Markus Hagemann.

Project applications:

Climate Action Tracker – Scaling Up Climate Action

In a consortium with Climate Analytics and Ecofys, NewClimate Institute contributes to the Climate Action Tracker’s Scaling Up Climate Action country series. The first round of our analysis covers South Africa, the European Union, Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, and Australia.

Capacity building for integrated and ambitious climate policy planning in Georgia and Mongolia

Return to all expertise and projects NewClimate Institute, as an implementing partner of GIZ, supports to Governments of Georgia and Mongolia with the further development of their climate policy planning. The support activities focus on the analysis of potential long-term decarbonisation pathways, support for the further integration of climate and sector-level planning processes, and planning… Read More

Ambition to Action

Supporting Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand with the implementation of their NDCs, through the analysis of impacts and benefits of various sector pathways. Return to all expertise and projects NewClimate Institute in partnership with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is supporting Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand with the implementation of their Nationally… Read More

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