The important health benefits of preventing coal lock-in in Mongolia

Growing coal capacity in Mongolia has direct impacts on human health: Operations of coal-fired power plants could cause 1,600 premature deaths / 42,000 years of life lost between 2020 and 2050. Around 70% of these negative impacts would be caused by new power plants not yet in operation. Read More

The Mongolian electricity sector in the context of international
climate mitigation efforts

Synthesis report on the impacts of electricity supply sector development in Mongolia on climate change targets and health impacts associted to air pollution from coal power plants. Read More

Climate Opportunity Report: More Jobs, Better Health, Liveable Cities

The Climate Opportunity report investigates the economic, social and environmental benefits for climate change mitigation action in cities. A methodology report provides a blueprint for replicating the analysis for other regions and specific urban areas. Read More

Climate Opportunity Online Dashboard

The Climate Opportunity online dashboard is a tool that allows it’s users to tangibly use data from the Climate Opportunity report to plan how specific climate actions – such as improving bus service, retrofitting buildings, or implementing renewable energy for heating and cooling – can improve emissions, create jobs, and increase savings customized to a city of their size. Read More

Enhanced ambition for Japan’s draft INDC could save USD 25 billion, 15,000 lives and 67,000 new jobs each year

Whilst Japan’s INDC achieves a significant amount of benefits for the economy and the domestic population through cost savings and reduced deaths from air pollution, the scale of the potential benefits from more ambitious action that are missed by the limited ambition of the INDC is much greater. Read More