This report offers deliberations on what a “fair share” for emissions in 2025 and  2030  could  be.  It  shows,  for  a  selection  of  ten  countries,  how  their  respective  INDCs  perform  if  related  to  different  fair  share  approaches and effort sharing models. These assessments also take into account national mitigation potential and costs and the wider context of socio-­‐economic devel-­‐opment  of  the  countries.  Finally,  current  policies  and  politics  of  each  country  are  included  in  the assessments.

Authors: Andrzej Ancygier, Jasmin Cantzler, Hanna Fekete, Markus Hagemann, Niklas Höhne, Daniel Kandy, Antje Kästner, Jan Kersting, Anja Köhne, Marie Lindberg, Florian Mersmann, Wolfgang Obergassel, Anne Siemons, Katja Schumacher, Hanna Wang-­‐Helmreich, Timon Wehnert

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