Climate Action Tracker – Climate Governance Series

Assessing countries’ readiness to implement ambitious climate policy and transition to a zero-emissions society

On behalf of ClimateWorks Foundation, NewClimate Institute and Climate Analytics developed the Climate Action Tracker’s Climate Governance Series. In this series, the CAT expands on its country analysis to evaluate the ability and readiness of national governments to enable the required economy-wide transformation towards a zero emissions society.

Decarbonising the world’s economy involves action from all aspects of society and the economy. The climate governance within a country, including the whole system of actors, institutions and policy environment, plays a critical role in enabling this transformation and as such the ability, fitness and readiness of a country’s climate governance will play a critical role in determining the speed and volume at which emissions can be reduced.

This project aims at enhancing existing country analyses and assessments through the development of a standardised and replicable framework for assessing government’s readiness to ratchet up climate policy from an institutional and governance point of view.

The first two rounds of our analysis covered Argentina, Australia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines and South Africa. The third round of analyses will cover Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Colombia and Brazil, and include an update of our Indonesia assessment.