Publication in Nature Climate Change: Wave of net zero emission targets opens window to meeting the Paris Agreement

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This article published in “Nature Climate Change” analyses the recent wave of national net zero targets showing that there is significant momentum which could bring the temperature limit of the Paris Agreement within reach.


A total of 131 countries are discussing, have announced, or have adopted net zero targets, covering 72% of global emissions. National net zero emission targets could, if fully implemented, substantially lower projected temperature increase compared to currently implemented policies (2.9–3.2 °C) or pledges submitted to the Paris Agreement (2.4–2.9 °C). While being a good sign these good intentions must now immediately propagate into short-term action to put countries on a path towards meeting their net zero emission ambitions. Existing policies and targets driving short-term action are currently not consistent with the announced net zero targets.

Contacts for further information: Niklas Höhne, Frederic Hans