Carbon offset credit supply potential tools

The carbon offset credit supply potential tools provide bottom-up estimates of the volume of credits that could be issued under a range of different scenarios. The analytical tools use project level information from the Clean Development Mechanism, Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and Climate Action Reserve extracted from public data sources, combined with survey data collected from a wide range of projects. The database tools have been developed with project partners and applied in a range of projects to provide critical information on the potential supply of credits under scenarios related to the future use of offset credits, including the application of vintage, host country, project type and double counting restrictions. The tools are particularly relevant to ongoing policy design work for CORSIA and considerations for any transition of the CDM to a new international market mechanism.
If you would like to know more about the tool, please contact Harry Fearnehough, Thomas Day or Carsten Warnecke.

Project applications:

Analysis of pre-2020 developments in the global carbon market

The project developed and applied a method to assess the vulnerability of existing project-based mitigation activities (e.g. CDM) to discontinuing their abatement activity.

Associated Publications:

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