Policy impact assessment tool (EV)

The EV policy impact assessment tool allows for the quantification of future share of new Electric Vehicles (EVs) and future share of EVs in the Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) fleet in a given country based on an assessment on the status of policy implementation. At its core, the tool contains an interactive Dashboard that allows the user to adjust settings that describe the policies driving EV penetration in a country.

In addition, the tool includes default country input data for 60 countries, including EU27, G20 and all other countries assessed by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT). Input data for all countries can be added and adapted based on the user’s needs.

This is an updated version from the original tool first published in 2018. Major updates include the addition of data for 15 new countries, the update of all background and policy data, addition of historical data and methodological fixes. For more information on the update check chapter 5 in the documentation.

If you would like to know more about the tool, please contact Maria Jose de Villafranca, Takeshi Kuramochi, Markus Hagemann or Judit Hecke. This tool is part of the COMPASS-toolbox.

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