CDP Climate Change Report 2016

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In light of the ambitious targets of the Paris Agreement, large potential for emission reductions exists in the corporate sector. An increasing number of companies are making commitments to contribute to the agreement’s long-term targets. The CDP Climate Change Report 2016, in collaboration with the We Mean Business coalition, presents carbon emissions and climate change mitigation data from a global sample of 1,089 companies. The first in an annual series, the report tracks companies’ progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement against this benchmark.

For this CDP report, NewClimate Institute was responsible for the calculation of aggregated emission reductions of the global tracking sample and the data analysis throughout all chapters of the report. NewClimate Institute experts further conducted in-depth quantitative assessments of company’s emissions trajectories based on their pledged emission reduction targets.

Contacts for further information: Niklas Höhne, Takeshi Kuramochi, Frederic Hans