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Supporting collective progress assessment under the Global Stocktake

Differentiated analysis of collective progress and national courses of action following the Global Stocktake

Tracking national mitigation efforts post-2020

An assessment of expected emissions change in the coming decade under current policies compared with emission decrease needed for the PA.

Horizon 2020 ENGAGE

Development and update of the Climate Policy Database which will serve as key inputs to various climate policy scenario analyses.

Virtual Article 6 Pilots

These virtual pilots are intended to be mitigation pilot activities based on real-world contexts, which could be implemented in the future.

Climate Opportunity

Development of new methodologies, to provide policymakers with a blueprint on how cities evaluate these impacts and benefits.

Climate Change Performance Index

The index evaluates and compares the climate protection performance of the 58 largest emitters of GHG emissions globally.

Benefits of climate change mitigation action in cities

The project involved quantitative analysis of the benefits of potential climate change mitigation actions for cities.

Climate Policy Database

The database contains policy data for G20 countries and provides a number of “policy options,” that form a package to mitigate GHG emissions.

Assessment of progress in policy implementation and emissions scenario analysis for major emitting economies

Provide analyses on the progress of major emitting countries towards their mitigation targets and on enhanced action scenarios to fill the emissions gap.

Climate Action Tracker

An up-to-date assessment of individual country emission reduction pledges and policies, and compares to what is necessary to limit warming.

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