Climate policy of new Merkel Government: Three steps forward – four back

With the coalition agreement for a new German government under Angela Merkel, a major opportunity to realign German climate policy to the challenges of the Paris Climate Change Agreement has passed. The new coalition no longer aims to reach the German 2020 climate target in time. With this announcement, Germany officially steps down as an international climate champion and undermines the Paris agreement as a whole. Read More

Presseerklärung: Pariser Abkommen verpflichtet Deutschland zu schnellerer Energiewende

Presseerklärung vom 23. Februar 2016 Pariser Klimaabkommen verpflichtet Deutschland zu weit schnellerem Ausbau der Erneuerbaren Download der Studie Analyse: Deutschland muss Energieversorgung bis spätestens 2035 komplett auf Erneuerbare umstellen Berlin, 23. 2. 2016 – Als Folge des internationalen Klimaabkommens von Paris muss Deutschland seine Energieversorgung weit schneller komplett auf Erneuerbare Energien umstellen als bislang geplant.… Read More

What does the Paris Agreement mean for climate protection in Germany?

    The long-term global climate goals of the Paris Agreement adopted by nearly 200 countries in December 2015, imply enhanced efforts for greenhouse gas emissions reductions in Germany. The phrasing of the long term goals of the Paris Agreement goes beyond prior political consensus. The objective is to limit the global increase in temperature… Read More