NDC Update Report – Ambition to Action

Full report This report is the prologue to a series of update reports on NDC-related topics. The reports will be published twice a year, before international climate change meetings, to present analysis, opinion, and discussion pieces. Drawing on the Ambition to Action (A2A) project and input from a wide range of experts and practitioners, the… Read More

China, India slow global emissions growth, Trump’s polices will flatten US emissions

[Press Release] Global leadership on climate is changing, with positive developments on coal use in China and India likely to reduce projected global carbon emissions growth by roughly two to three billion tonnes by 2030, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) said today. The recent, sweeping policy rollbacks by President Trump are unlikely to have a… Read More

Climate Action Tracker: It only takes a few countries to kick-start energy system decarbonisation

2 Page Summary Infographic Policy Summary Technical Report   Triggering a global transformation of our energy systems as required by the Paris Agreement does not take the whole world—it can be started by just a small group of countries, according to a new Climate Action Tracker report. The global rise of renewable energy, which accounted… Read More

Trumps Klimapolitik würde Länderbewertung für USA von „mittelmäßig“ auf „ungenügend“ herabsetzen

Die neue Verfügung von US Präsident Trump zur „nationalen Energieunabhängigkeit“ wird dazu führen, dass die USA ihre Zusage für das Pariser Klimaschutzabkommen verfehlen, so der Climate Action Tracker. Das Konsortium, das hinter dem Climate Action Tracker steht, würde die USA dafür von „mittelmäßig“ auf „ungenügend“ abwerten. Bei voller Umsetzung der Verfügung würden die Treibhausgasemissionen der… Read More

Trump’s climate policies would see US climate action rating drop from “medium” to “inadequate”

US President Trump’s Executive Order on “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” sets the US on a path to miss its Paris Agreement commitment for 2025 by a large margin, the Climate Action Tracker said today, adding that it would warrant moving the US from a “medium” to an “insufficient” CAT rating. If the Executive… Read More

Climate Action Tracker launches new decarbonisation data portal

The decarbonisation data portal allows comparison across sectors under different scenarios: historical; the Paris Agreement’s emission reduction pledges; the CAT’s “current policy projection” scenario, “best-practice” examples, and the presently available 2˚C pathways (the latter will be updated once the new generation of Paris Agreement-compatible 1.5°C pathways are published later in 2017). Read More

Ten steps in ten years toward the 1.5˚C warming limit – Climate Action Tracker

Download report Download summary Marrakech, 16 November 2016 The Climate Action Tracker today spelt out ten important, short-term steps that key sectors need to take to help the world achieve the Paris Agreement’s 1.5˚C limit. All key sectors—energy generation, road transport, buildings, industry, forestry and land use, and commercial agriculture—have to begin major efforts to… Read More

Major challenges ahead for Paris Agreement to meet its 1.5°C warming limit

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker Read the full analysis from the Climate Action Tracker Watch the press release webcast Marrakech—10 November 2016 – The rapid entry into force of the Paris Agreement has created the legal basis for countries to increase their level of action and ambition to meet the 1.5°C warming limit over… Read More

Paris Agreement: stage set to ramp up climate action

12th December 2015 Click here for briefing. From the perspective of the Climate Action Tracker, the Paris Agreement will positively influence the world’s ability to limit the adverse effects of climate change. For the first time, an international climate agreement has, at its core, a goal to not just hold warming below 2°C, but critically specifies… Read More

Climate Action Tracker: Climate pledges will bring 2.7 of warming, potential for more action

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker Climate pledges will bring 2.7 of warming, potential for more action Paris-8 December 2015 – With 158 climate pledges now submitted to the UN, accounting for 94% of global emissions, the Climate Action Tracker today confirmed this would result in around 2.7˚C of warming in 2100 – if all… Read More

Climate Action Tracker: Coal plant plans could wipe out hope of holding warming below 2°C, and threaten achievement of INDCs

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker Paris – 1 December 2015 – If all coal plants in the pipeline were to be built, by 2030, emissions from coal power would be 400% higher than what is consistent with a 2˚C pathway, according to a new analysis released by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) at the Paris… Read More

Press release: National climate ambition could be higher if actions of non-state actors were considered

Cologne, 25 November 2015: Commitments by non-state actors (cities, regions, business and sectors) further reduce German greenhouse gas emissions beyond what is implied by current policies. This is found by new research undertaken by NewClimate Institute supported by Stiftung Mercator. Read More

Climate Action Tracker: INDCs lower projected warming to 2.7°C: significant progress but still above 2°C

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker The combination of Government climate action plans, if implemented, would bring global warming down to 2.7°C,  according to an analysis released today by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT). Read the full analysis from the Climate Action Tracker On the day of the October 1 UN deadline for governments to… Read More

Emissions Gap – How close are INDCs to 2 and 1.5°C pathways?

Government climate action would see warming well beyond 2˚C Bonn — 2 September 2015 — The climate targets so far submitted to the UN by governments collectively lead to global emissions far above the levels needed to hold warming to below 2°C, the Climate Action Tracker said today. The analysis by the consortium of four… Read More

Press release Climate Action Tracker: China’s climate targets for Paris are conflicted

Press release Climate Action Tracker: China’s climate targets for Paris are conflicted China’s new climate plans announced this week for the Paris Climate Agreement are conflicted, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) said today. See the full assessment of China’s INDC China’s non-fossil primary energy target, actions to reduce coal use and wide range of other… Read More

Japan’s proposed INDC “inadequate” and opposite to its G7 commitment – Climate Action Tracker

Japan can almost reach its proposed – and “inadequate” – INDC – target without taking any further action, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) said today. In the wake of the G7 decisions to decarbonise their economies, Japan appears to be heading in the opposite direction. Read More