In this policy brief, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and NewClimate Institute assess 24 practical and realistic actions to implement between now and 2030 as key elements to cut greenhouse (GHG) emissions significantly by 2030. They include such actions as deploying more renewable energy, transitioning away from coal, boosting energy efficiency, accelerating electric vehicle deployment, and ending deforestation.

Main findings:

The world can get on a 2℃ pathway by 2030 with “On Track” and “Scale Up” actions

  • The implementation of just 19 of these actions can put the world on track for an emissions pathway needed in 2030 to hold global warming to below 2° These actions are classified as “On Track” (those already within reach) and “Scale Up” (i.e. those achieved some progress to date).
  • By also implementing five additional actions that are more aggressive, classified as “Need Focus,” we can put the world more squarely on an emissions pathway needed in 2030 to limit temperature increase to below 2°C, and closer to an emissions pathway needed to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C. Actions in this area will require a concerted and coordinated effort that has not yet developed.
  • The implementation of all 24 actions could cut annual global GHG emissions by 19 gigatonnes per year by 2030 (See Figure). For comparison, 19 gigatonnes is approximately three times the 2016 GHG emissions for the United States, the world’s second largest climate polluter and largest historical polluter.


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