Carbon market mechanisms

Analysis of options for determining OMGE, SOP and Transition within Article 6 May 2021 - Quantitative analysis of Article 6 policy decision options
Results-Based Finance in the Paris Era Dec 2020 - A discussion of using aspects of carbon market mechanisms for results based finance in the Paris era, including challenges, some solutions, and a potential niche role going forward.
Indicators for the promotion of sustainable development in carbon market mechanisms Dec 2020 - This report assesses options for the effective implementation of sustainable development impact assessment, in the context of climate change mitigation mechanisms such as those of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
Indicators for sustainable development under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Dec 2020 - This report analyses how the role of sustainable development can be strengthened in the process of further designing the mechanisms under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
Analysis of current developments in global carbon markets Dec 2020 - The major aim of this research project was to provide insights on the state of current carbon market activities and options for supporting the continuation of new and existing mitigation activities in the pre-2020 period. This report contains a summary of the findings and combined conclusions from all analysis components addressed within the project.
Considerations for Article 6 engagement Nov 2020 - What should countries considering hosting emission reduction activities take into account with regard to engaging in carbon markets under the Paris Agreement.
Setting Incentives for Emission Reductions in Developing Countries: The Case of Social Housing in Colombia Nov 2020 - Exploration and discussion of considerations for a Net Zero Energy Building Article 6 Pilot under the Paris Agreement in Colombia.
CDM supply potential for emission reductions up to the end of 2020 Nov 2020 - Updated estimates of CDM supply potential to inform ongoing negotiations at the UNFCCC on rules for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
Future role for voluntary carbon markets in the Paris era Nov 2020 - We critically assess options for the voluntary carbon market and offer a set of recommendations, heading into the Paris era.
Analysis and assessment of the design of an offsetting system for international aviation Nov 2020 - This research project analyses matters that are critical for implementing CORSIA and ensuring that it effectively delivers on its objective of achieving carbon neutral growth.