Carbon market mechanisms

Climate neutrality claims Sep 2020 - Country and company climate neutrality targets are not all equal. This discussion paper explores factors to consider in gauging the ambition of climate neutrality targets from climate leadership to greenwashing.
Options for supporting Carbon Dioxide Removal Jul 2020 - This paper examines the broad policy frameworks that can support the development and upscaling of Carbon Dioxide Removal and, in particular, whether CDR can be supported by offsetting schemes.
Options for Improving the Emission Unit Eligibility Criteria (EUCs) under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) May 2020 - This discussion paper assesses options for improving the current Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria (EUCs) used for the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Renewable heating virtual Article 6 pilot Jan 2020 - Ground source heat pumps in Mongolia - an ambitious option for an Article 6 ITMO transaction.
Net-zero energy housing virtual Article 6 pilot Jan 2020 - Net-zero energy buildings in Colombia - an ambitious option for an ambitious Article 6 ITMO transaction.
Supporting vulnerable CDM projects through credit purchase facilities Jan 2020 - This paper analyses the impact of credit purchase facilities for supporting vulnerable CDM projects.
The role of international carbon markets in a decarbonising world Nov 2019 - The goals of the Paris Agreement require countries to develop and implement long term strategies which chart out the fastest decarbonisation pathway technically feasible. The role of offsets in such a decarbonising world must shift from current practice to avoid undermining the ambition and meaning of net-zero targets.
Offset credit supply potential for CORSIA Nov 2019 - In this discussion paper we estimate the potential supply of carbon offset credits to meet demand from international aviation under CORSIA under a number of different scenarios which include different types of restrictions imposed on the eligibility of offset credits.
Analysing the interactions between new market mechanisms and emissions trading schemes: Opportunities and prospects for countries to use Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Apr 2019 - This report conducts a detailed analysis of the provisions related to market mechanisms of the Paris Agreement (Article 6), identifies issues that should be taken into account when elaborating the rulebook for the Paris Agreement, and answers the question whether different countries are ready for engaging with market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement.
Carbon pricing options for international maritime emissions Mar 2019 - In this paper we explore three different options for a market-based measure to address the climate impact of shipping: an offsetting scheme, a maritime emissions trading scheme, and a climate levy. We conclude that a climate levy would be the most appropriate measure to reduce emissions in the maritime sector.